You Can Take It With You

Hand-Crafted Hamptons Goodies to Make Summer Last All Year Long

If this past weekend was any indication, it’s hard to ignore the change in the seasons. Summer 2015 officially exists only as a fond memory. It may be gone but not for good, stock up on goodies from the Hamptons to relive the warmth of this summer all year ‘round.  After all, it will be Memorial Day again before you know it…and in the meantime, nothing counteracts winter’s chill like the thought of a summer’s day at the end of Long Island.


On a Brisk Autumn Night…Step Outside and Enjoy a Cigar

Hampton Cigar Company

Come fall, it’s harder and harder to get away for the weekend. Take a moment and close your eyes; with a Hamptons Cigar Company cigar in hand, you’ll be transported back to the still of the shore at night. Available in mild, medium, and bold, these hand-crafted, cedar-aged beauties evoke beachy bonfires, even as the leaves start to change. (; 888.746.5650)


On a Rainy Fall Afternoon…Enjoy a Movie (and Popcorn!)

The Hampton Popcorn Company

The leaves are falling from the trees, there’s a bitter chill in the air, and it looks like rain. The only thing cozier than an autumn movie day is snacking while you watch – and Hampton Popcorn’s Sea Salt Kettle Corn will bring you back to the beach, even during the snowiest scenes of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.  Better still, they also offer winter-friendly treats, such as White Chocolate-Peppermint Crunch popcorn, as perfect seasonal gifts once the snow starts to fall.  Bring some to a holiday party with friends and reminisce together about your beautiful summer while munching handfuls of popcorn and planning for Summer 2016.  (; 888.947.6726)


On That First Snowy Morning…Brew a Fresh Cup of Coffee

Hampton Coffee Company

The first snow is a bittersweet occasion: beautiful, but also a brutal reminder of the months of cold that have yet to come.  On that first morning when you wake up to a world in white, savor the moment (and prepare for the rest) with a steaming cup of Hampton Coffee Company’s small-batch, artisanal java.  Their super-premium, estate-grown beans are roasted daily on the East End for exceptional smoothness and depth of flavor, and brewed up fresh, there’s no more heavenly aroma, even when the snow starts to fall.  Fill your favorite mug and watch the flakes; they’ll be melted and replaced with lacy green leaves and sweet-smelling flowers before you know it.  (; 631.726.COFE)


On a Chilly Friday Evening…Host an East End Happy Hour

Montauk Rum Runners

Founded in the tradition of the rum runners who evaded the Coast Guard to smuggle rum into New York during Prohibition, Montauk Rum Runners is an artisanal distillery whose Coconut Rum and Citrus Gin are hand-crafted, one-way tickets to the beach.  When the holidays have come to an end and February and March sprawl out ahead in endless drifts of gray, invite your summer buddies over for happy hour and pour a few tropical cocktails (bonus points for paper umbrellas and palm-tree toothpicks!)  You’ll be back in a beachy state of mind in no time – and if that doesn’t do the trick, nothing warms up a snowy winter day like a shot or two of sweet Honey Whiskey.  (; 631.954.2MTK)