Tech Yourself

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Bring The Noise
Turn your beach day into a disco with big sounds from a small speaker. On the Mini Jam Box, spin your own tunes, or activate the Multi Play feature to connect two speakers for twice the sound. Measuring under an inch thin and barely 9oz, the featherweight speaker punches above its weight class. Built from a single piece of aluminum, you’ll barely notice it in your beach tote. ($129)

Beach Reads
Water ’s comprehensive technology waterproofs electronics down to 210 feet underwater, so just in case reading while snorkeling is your thing, they’ve waterfi-ed the Kindle Paperwhite to take your library underwater. Float on a raft while reading your favorite novel—the Paperwhite weighs less than a paperback and only has to be recharged every 6 weeks. Download millions of books through Amazon over WiFi for an endless selection of water-ready reads. ($240)

Need a reminder to apply more sunscreen? Not sure which beach to go to? There’s an app for that! Ultraviolet gives you the current day’s UV index, and even makes direct recommendations for apparel, SPF level, and reapplication frequency. Magicseaweed is designed for surfers, but is also great for moms—it will tell you beach conditions, and if there are wildlife or weather warnings at that location as well.

Shine On
Nothing puts a damper on a day at the beach like realizing the lack of service has completely drained your cell battery. The Wakawaka Power+ harnesses the power of the sun to charge any type of electronic device in just a few hours. Lay it out next to your beach bag to charge up, then use it to boost your phone toward the end of the day, without ever needing a plug. ($79)

Just In Case
Protect all your gadgets and gizmos with the ultimate in waterproof casing—the EcoExtreme Waterproof Case. Stick your device into the internal mesh pocket for safe storage while you swim, or plug your phone into the standard audio jack and zip it up—the case doubles as a speaker. The tough, waterproof case won’t just keep your stuff dry—it also floats, so you won’t loose it if it flies out of your pocket while you’re on the waterskis. A single charge will give you up to 30 hours of stress-free speakers, even while you’re on the water. ($49.99)

Smartwatch of Steel
A smartwatch that can go underwater? Sync the Pebble Steel with your device to check messages, play music, and see reminders. The stainless- steel watch is submersible in fresh or salt water up to 50 meters, so you can take it with you without compromise. No more fumbling through your pockets for your smartphone, or worrying about getting it covered in sunscreen or sand—do it all with a flick of your wrist. Charge only once a week for up to 7 days worth of the power. ($149.99)

Surfing Shots
Capture every “radical” moment of surfing fun with the Nikon Coolpix AW130 Waterproof Camera. The rugged design makes it virtually indestructible— waterproof up to 100 feet, and shockproof in case it’s dropped. The 5x zoom and wide-angle lens let you capture epic wipe-outs and intricate details alike. Built in Wi-Fi makes uploading the footage to Instagram a breeze, whether you’re shooting beautiful stills or epic short videos. ($350)
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The Coolest In Coolers
Aptly named, The Coolest raised $30 million on Kickstarter its first year because it’s, well, just so cool. Nicknamed “a portable party disguised as a cooler,” the Coolest thought of everything: a blender, a BlueTooth speaker, USB Charger, cutting board, and built-in bottle opener. Make up to 16 pitchers of frozen cocktails on a single charge, while streaming up to 8 hours of tunes. With more tech features than most cars, this innovation will keep even the hottest party-goers cool. ($499)