Snowed In: A World of Netflix Awaits

As the snow swirls around you, it may seem like winter will never end. Log on to Netflix and select one of these films to put you in the summer mood. Whether you choose to take dance lessons in the Catskills or surf around the world, these flicks will help thaw out your soul with the knowledge that no matter how bad it seems, summer will get here… eventually!

Endless Summer Endless Summer (1966): Follow two surfers as they chase down the surfer’s idea of paradise- follow the warm weather so you can surf all year long! The film gave birth to the “surf-and-travel” culture, and inspired a generation of people to surf for the first time. The action shots are incredible, and the surf rock soundtrack will have you logging on to to book the first flight out of NYC!
Dirty Dancing Dirty Dancing (1987): A memorable coming-of-age story set in the Catskill Mountains in 1963. Watching Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze practice their lifts in the lake will have you opening the window to cool things off. The nostalgic look at summers gone by will have you singing, dancing, and remembering “nobody puts Baby in a corner!”
Adventureland Adventureland (2009): Reminisce about the worst summer job you ever had. When James (Jesse Eisenberg) graduates from college in 1987 with a degree in comparative literature, he is ready for a summer in Europe before graduate school. When his parents tell him they can’t pay for the trip, he finds himself working “games” at the local amusement park. Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig are hysterical as the owners of the park. Kristen Stewart and Ryan Reynolds also star.
Camp Camp (2003): A talented cast charms in this independent film based on writer/director Todd Graff’s experiences at Stage Door Manor, a performing arts camp. Look for future Academy Award nominee Anna Kendrick in a supporting role as a meek girl who decides she wants to be a star.   The musical numbers are great, and the film has a number of stellar performances.
Friday The 13th Friday the 13th (1980): One of the first great “slasher” movies, this film helped to spawn a countless number of copycats. Travel to Camp Crystal Lake where teenagers are being killed off one by one. You will find yourself screaming at the screen, warning the teens that danger is lurking. You may be surprised to find out that Jason, the iconic hockey-mask wearing killer is not introduced until Friday the 13th Part 2. Fortunately, that and 6 other sequels are all available to stream. You might want to give up before Part 8, “Jason takes Manhattan.”