Masked Man

A Shield for Your Skin

While this summer it’ll be paramount for you to keep moisturized and covered with sunblock, we think a great way to give your skin a much-needed reset is by way of a facial mask. They’re more on-trend than ever before, and we have some of the very best ones to suit whatever your particular skin concerns might be.


Urban Blue Detox Clay Mask: Lab Series
Unclog your pores all at once with this incredibly thorough mask which combines clay and charcoal (one of the most en vogue ingredients in skincare at the moment). Your T-zone won’t know what it hit it as it pulls all of that nasty excess baggage that we all incur with exposure to the elements. It’s suited to all skin types, so you’ll be sure to get clear and soft no matter what care challenges you’re dealing with. Be sure to put on a great moisturizer after rinsing off this stuff!


Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque: Kiehl’s
Kiehl’s has long reigned as a champion of skincare solutions and has been particularly solicitous to the needs of their male clientele. This mask is ideal for nighttime hydration, drawing from nourishing squalene and fountain plants. Your skin will receive some tender loving care while you sleep. You can also use it as a precursor to your morning routine, applying it before you shave. 


Lava Masque Acne Treatment: Kyoku
We know that acne is theoretically supposed to be the providence of adolescence, but let’s face it: everyone can be susceptible to breakouts. Kyoku’s mask utilizes 73 essential sea minerals and an extraordinary lava mud to soothe away inflammation in your pores, banishing excess oils and bacteria. Men tend to have tougher skin that many skincare products can really dig into, and Kyoku’s mask powerfully absorbs into those hard-to-reach impurities so you can be sure you’ve gotten all there is to get.



Egg Pore Tightening Pack Mask: Tonymoly
Tighten your skin with this nifty little product. A popular purchase in the world of Korean skin care (the packaging alone is reason to pick one of these up), the egg white and green tea extracts work as strong antioxidants. While it cleanses and tones, the real gem of this mask are the aftereffects, which will compress your pores, warding off potential dirt and oil from seeping into your skin.


Blue Tansy Mask: Herbivore Botanicals
Clarifying and soothing are the order of the day with this gentle mask. If you have sensitive skin issues, such as eczema, blotchiness or dermatitis, this mask’s anti-inflammatory properties are right up your alley. It’s infused with floral essential oils that can do a wonder on your skin without an abrasive dry out afterward.