Looking Good on the L.I.E

What to wear on your trip out there

Friday afternoons may have you folding your blazer into your bag and heading out to the Hamtons in your work slacks and button down, Sunday’s ride back should be an extension of your weekend – relaxed and fun.

Lululemo_What The Cuff Pant

Casual Cuffs
Now that Lululemon has made a bold foray into menswear, you can be sure that your loungewear won’t be confused with your girlfriend’s yoga pants. The What the Cuff pants are made of the brands signature quick-dry Chino fabric, but to the untrained eye, just look effortlessly casual. Cuff them for an on-trend style, or wear them un-cuffed to expose a sweat pant-inspired scrunched ankle. These are next-level sweatpants that you can wear straight from the beautiful last lunch of the weekend onto the Jitney. ($128, lululemon.comLululemon


Beachy Tees
If it’s made by Missoni, can it still really by called a tee-shirt? The ultra-soft cotton tees are mastered with the brand’s iconic striped patterns, in soft complementary colors that are understated but elegant. Every bit as comfortable as your work shirt is not, this tee will take you back to the city feeling like you’re still at the beach. ($220, mrporter.com)


Fun Footwear 
Don’t tell Hugh Heffner, but his smoking slippers might have found new life outside the Playboy mansion. For spring, Ferragamo reimagined his slip-on sneakers in the sexiest way possible – covered in rich dark blue velvet. Subtle from afar, these luxe loafers are an indulgent way to remind you of the fun of your weekend before you return to your work week. ($440, ferragamo.com)


Super Satchels
Pack it all in to your weekend, not your weekender bag. Travel light with one of the lightest bags on the market – a linen Heritage backpack from Herschel. Durable and practical, this isn’t the backpack your middle school cousin wants. It’ll hold all your goods for the weekend, and still make you look like a seasoned traveler. ($95, herschelsupply.com)