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Tips on Staying Hydrated from a Top Nutrition Influencer

Summer officially kicked off over the weekend and if you’ve checked the forecast you’d see things are certainly starting to heat up. Pool days, outdoor workouts, and nights of too many bottles of rosé are all reasons we need to remember to stay hydrated this season. It sounds easy but takes more effort than we sometimes remember to put in so, NYC dietitian Melissa Rifkin has given us a few tips to help us out.

  • Use filtered water. PUR’s water filtration systems help to reduce contaminants from your water, ensuring that your water is safe, and also tastes crisp.
  • Carry an insulated water bottle. With a wide variety of options to choose from, having a water bottle on hand is a reliable and eco-friendly way to stay hydrated (and keep your water cold) throughout your day. It also cuts down on the use of plastic by no longer using disposable bottles. 
  • Use a straw. This is an easy way to trick your body into drinking more. It’s common for people to forget to drink water when their schedule is packed to the brim each day, so using a straw is a helpful way to drink more in fewer sips.  
  • Add a flavor. If you feel like the taste of water alone is bland and doesn’t entice you to drink it, try adding lemon or fruit to spice up your drink – or watermelon as a tasty treat to celebrate ahead of National Watermelon Day on August 3.