Jerry, Chandler, Barney and Louie go to the Hamptons

If you are a regular visitor to the Hamptons, then you know what all the fuss is about. If you’ve never been, your only window to this world may well be through well-known episodes of some classic sitcoms. While these are all funny, whether they give an accurate portrayal of life on the East End is certainly up for debate!

Seinfeld- “The Hamptons” (Season 5): While the main storyline has Jerry and the gang heading east to see their friends’ baby (“Ya gotta see the baby”) only to find that beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder, the subplots have become far more famous: Kramer finds some famous Long Island lobster in a cage off-shore, and George is seen in the buff after swimming in the pool. That’s how “shrinkage” joined the popular lexicon!
Friends- “The One at the Beach (Season 3): Phoebe heads to Montauk to learn more about her father, and of course all of the friends come along. Finding themselves in a sand-filled beach house, they resort to playing “Strip Happy Days,” Chandler and Monica consider dating, and Rachel convinces Ross’ girlfriend to shave her head. This cliffhanger led to the season 4 premiere where where Ross and Rachel get back together, until she blames him for the breakup and he retorts “WE WERE ON A BREAK!”
How I Met Your Mother How I Met Your Mother- “Farhampton” (Season 8), and all of Season 9: The entire final season of How I Met Your Mother revolves around Barney and Robin’s wedding which takes place at the Farhampton Inn. While Long Islanders know there is no such Hampton, on a Friday afternoon it may seem to be the most appropriate name! Although the name is made up, eagle-eyed viewers will notice the real LIRR schedule for Far Rockaway hanging in the ticket office. It’s always fun to see how the Hamptons are viewed by outsiders.
Louie (Season 4): Jerry Seinfeld asks Louie to come to the Hamptons to open for him at a charity benefit. It is clear that Louie is out of his element- he doesn’t get dressed up, and despite Seinfeld’s urging, Louie has trouble keeping his material clean. After making just one person laugh (the gorgeous daughter of an astronaut) things escalate quickly, and Louie finds himself in way over his head.