Hill Street Boxing Breaks It Down

Best Practices for Staying Active at Home

In 2018 Avery Crocker and partner Thomas Haynia founded Hill Street Boxing in the heart of Southampton on the ethos that there, everyone is family. And while the studio may be closed in compliance with the COVID-19 shutdown, the fundamental principal that is was built on is still firmly in place. The team at Hill Street is still as committed as ever to providing a safe, fun, inviting atmosphere where all ages can come together and better themselves through their love of health, fitness, and the sport of boxing. Now, you’ll just be doing it with their help at home by following these tips.

Time Block
Set a time for your workout. It is so easy to lose focus while trying to get any type of work done at home. Whether it is a family member, significant other, reality TV, a pet, laundry, anything that distracts you should be phased out for at least 20-30 minutes to focus on you! Pick a time once a day to work out and stick to it.

Plan Ahead
Everyone loves the structure of a class. Have a plan ready to go beforehand whether it’s on your phone, a piece of paper or following along to someone else’s video. That way you are keeping your breaks minimal and not scavenging for new workouts.

Utilize Your Space
Lacking equipment in your home? Not to worry. Get creative if you want to add more resistance to your workouts. You can use a case of water for plank pull throughs, a gallon or liter of water to overhead press or squat with. Your socks on a wood floor make for great sliders to perform mountain climbers. Utilize stable furniture. You can use your couch to keep your feet elevated for heel glute raises. A table top for your Bent Over Rows.

You do not need a jump rope to jump. You do not need a ladder to perform footwork drills. Don’t let the idea of not being in a gym stop you from moving. For you boxing fans out there, shadow boxing is a great workout itself!

It is very easy to see some fancy over the top ab movement and say to yourself “Well I can’t do that, so I’ll just sit here until the 45 seconds is over.” Watching someone do high squat jumps when you cannot with a bad knee. Know your body, and make the appropriate adjustments. 

Engage Your Muscles
Never rush an exercise. You can simply make an exercise more difficult while focusing on the “negative”. For example, as you sit down in that squat lower yourself down in a fluid slower motion. Keep your core engaged “stomach tight” at all times. Once you stand up from the squat squeeze your glutes! Can’t stress enough to squeeze the muscle you are trying to work on.

Change It Up
While some exercises you can do everyday, be sure to change up your workout routine. Try to avoid repeating the same workout. 

Drink Lots of Water
Losing a routine means losing those good habits you created. Try to drink an adequate amount of water

Active Warmup and Cool Down
Never jump right into a workout. Start with a good foam roll session & both active and static stretches. Flexibility is a key part of successful workouts and long term health. Once that is done, start to get your heart rate up to workout. Cool down with a good stretch at the end.

Rest & Recovery
Rest plays a big part in your health. In order for your muscles to recover, rest and a good night sleep is needed. 

Tunes to Make You Move