Hearths of the Hamptons

As the weather finally gets colder, nothing is better than cozying up next to a fire at your favorite Hamptons havens. On winter weekends, here are the best places to snuggle up, grab a warm drink or glass of wine, and enjoy evenings with friends by the fire.

TheAmericanHotelAt The American Hotel, the summer’s bustling porch makes way to the cozy depths of the living-room-like interior of the famous establishment. Details you may have passed over in the warmer months, like an enormous moose head across from the bar, are illuminated by the soft glow of candles and ornate sconces. The tables by the fireplace are the most requested, but the bar is also close enough to bask in the hearth’s warmth.


AButler'sManorAt A Butler’s Manor, the hearth is the heart of the living room, a spacious salon filled with plush couches and elegant details. Guests gather around both in the morning and evening in the cooler months, enjoying coffee and cocktails alike by the warmth of the fire. It’s just like being at home, if your home were an elegant Hamptons mansion…


BakerHouse1650At The Baker House 1650 in East Hampton, fireplaces are easy to find, both in the communal areas and in many of the guest rooms. If you’re lucky enough to snag one of the spacious suites, you can lay in your sleigh bed, admiring everything from the view out the window, to the gorgeous exposed rafters, to the cozy fire.


BaronsCoveNo matter the season, the fireplaces at the newly renovated Baron’s Cove in Sag Harbor are major fixtures in the common rooms. The bar downstairs features fireplaces both inside and out, adding warmth to chilly summer evenings, and a central feature for cozier winter gatherings.


MillHouseInnIn true B&B form, the rooms at the Mill House Inn are more than just overnight accommodations. The sumptuous suites not only feature a fireplace, but also a cozy living area, with a couch and chairs perfect for evening lounging until the last of the embers die out.