Four Necessities For No Shave November

 No Shave November


As the calendar turns to November, you may start to see men getting a little “grizzly” around the face- if they don’t normally rock the Brooklyn “hipster” look, chances are, they are participating in No-Shave November.  Here’s a look at what the follicle-fest is all about, and all month long we’ll be helping you (or the man in your life) ensure that any facial growth looks great, and is well-cared for!

If you are about to embark on this hair-raising adventure, it’s important to take good care of your skin before it’s overrun by new growth!

WashManCave FaceWash is a great product designed to refresh and deeply clean your skin without over-drying it.  Excess oils, debris and impurities are removed while the essential moisture stays in your skin.  The FaceWash contains ingredients like Green Tea, Willow bark, and Spinach Extract, and is formulated to protect and defend skin cells.  With a freshly cleaned face, no doubt your beard will be happy to sprout from your follicles! ( 


Now your beard is coming in, and you must be wondering how to care for your new addition.Shampoo

Soap? Shampoo? The best answer is a combination of the two: try Mr. Natty Face Forest Soap, a beard shampoo for men. This product takes care of the skin AND the beard! Your skin stays hydrated and smooth thanks to the olive oil, and shea butter sooths and protects dry skin.  Your beard will look great, and the skin underneath stays healthy and vibrant. The aromatic blend of rosemary and English mint team help to wake you up, ready for whatever the day may bring! ( 


You’ve made it! You’ve gotten through the No-Shave month, raised money for a great cause, and got a chance to see if facial hair is your new thing.


RazorIf it is, just continue to care for it. If not, it’s time to go back to a nice clean shave.  For a super product, check out the Winston razor by Harry’s. Ergonomically designed for comfort and control, the razor feels like an extension of your hand.  To really prepare for the momentous shave, you can even have it monogrammed.  Harry’s offers a great shaving club, to have your blades delivered straight to your home.  Or, if you choose to really pamper yourself, head to Harry’s Corner Shop on MacDougal Street and have a professional clear away your beard in a great neighborhood barber setting. (


After that beard is history, don’t forget that you’ve still got to take care of that face!


MoisturizerKiehl’s Facial Fuel is a great moisturizing treatment designed specifically for men.  Apply it in the morning for an energizing treatment that will invigorate dry skin.  Reapply during the day for a quick refresher! It works without having an oily feel that most guys don’t care for, and for a super treat, keep a tube in the fridge for when you get home from work for a great afternoon boost. (


No-Shave November is a month long movement to bring awareness and funds to cancer-fighting charities.  As many cancer patients lose their hair during treatments, participants here let their facial hair grow to spark up a conversation about cancer, solicit donations, and pledge to donate all shaving and grooming expenses for the month to cancer charities. For more information, and a list of charities that are fighting the good fight, go to