Brand Spotlight: Moyeva

Luxury Menswear Brand Moyeva Is Now in the Mask Market

With a decade of experience in luxury apparel design, Eva Moyé, founder of the luxury menswear brand Moyeva, has turned her attention to producing hand-tailored masks in New York City.

Eva chatted with HM about how she pivoted her business during this time, a new partnership that gives back to communities in Africa, and the bespoke experience with the Moyeva brand.

To start, tell us what led you to launch your luxury men’s line, Moyeva. 
I was inspired by my father and his personal style and wardrobe at a very young age. As a child waiting to be dropped off at school, I would notice how my dad’s pants moved as he walked down the long corridor in our home. I noticed that most other dads at my elementary school didn’t have the same fine tailored look, it made an impression on me. He always invested in his appearance and I think it had an overall impact on his success.

There is a stark difference in luxury apparel and it makes an impact on men who invested in high-end custom clothing. I first studied high-end women’s clothing design known as haute couture in Los Angeles but after graduating from school I landed an opportunity to work for a menswear designer in Florida, my home state. This is where I fell in love again with menswear and decided to pursue that direction.

You specialize in custom men’s clothing, what are some summer trends you can identify?
Summer trends during COVID-19 would be leisurewear and face masks since most people are still working from home. I’m currently working with a client to design custom stretch jeans that are more comfortable and golf shirts that are custom-fitted with a fine cashmere and silk-blend. This client is based on the West Coast.

On the East Coast, I’m designing summer jackets that are lighter fabric in wool, linen, and silk-blend, and the colors I’m working with right now in peach, light blue, light tan. What I also offer my clients is custom print linings unique to their lifestyles. For example, I have clients that ask for their college logo or send me family photos, we use their hobbies and custom cars. I create these unique custom linings to represent what my client loves most. I have a client that is an Attorney and we used the Scales of Justice for his jacket lining.  

In response to COVID19 you pivoted to producing face masks. Unlike what a lot of brands are putting out, these are hand-crafted here in New York. What’s this new avenue of business been like? 
Pivoting in response to the health pandemic has allowed me to meet new people, I’m working with a master tailor based in Manhattan that is from Senegal. We’ve partnered with Yamba Malawi to promote African culture and my printed masks. Each mask sold will support self-sufficiency in one of the poorest countries in the world.

Also, it’s been fun working with businesses like Bobby Van’s to produce custom logo masks. My face masks are a great option for professionals, they’re soft on the face and can coordinate with Moyeva custom clothing and accessories. They come in small/medium and large so women can use them as well. 

For this project, you’re partnered with tailor Ali Diouf to create a line inspired by African culture to support children in Malawi. How’d this relationship begin and what do these pieces look like? 
I was introduced to Yamba Malawi in December at an event at 15 Hudson Yards. I really loved their mission and when I partnered with Ali to produce the face masks with fabric from countries in Africa I thought it would be a great way for me to help promote Yamba’s mission — to transform children’s lives by empowering communities to break the cycle of poverty. Ali has been great to work with, we were introduced by his African fabric supplier who also knows my husband, Peter. My husband imports fine textiles from Italy and England, his company is Antoniades Textile Group

Looking into the future to when life as we knew it begins to resume, what do you want men to know about the bespoke experience with Moyeva and why they should come get outfitted with you? 
I design custom menswear for every aspect of life which gives me the mobility to create anything from luxury leisurewear to formalwear and tuxedos. Men should know that their clothing is an investment and the experience I provide my clients is exceptional. I travel to client’s homes, offices, and clubs throughout North America as a personal concierge and custom wardrobe designer. My goal is to help my clients feel great and become more successful by making them look great. The best way to contact me is by email (