The New Season Switch Up

Wearing Your Favorite Summer Pieces Into Fall

The summer is winding down, gentlemen. As you get in your final trips to the beach and those last hurrahs by the pool, we want to let you know that it’s time to start thinking about the transition to those delicious autumn months. But don’t hasten too quickly toward heavy coats and hats just yet. Some of those summer odds and ends can still serve you well during this sometimes tricky period between August and early October. The temperatures are still warm during the day, but as the afternoon gives way to evening, it can get mighty chilly. We’re poised to help you take those summer looks out for a few more spins as you begin to integrate them into autumn. Take a peek at these pieces that are perfect to posh you up over the next few weeks.


Nautical sweaters have become an increasingly popular piece of menswear for the occasional summer cold snap. That said, there’s no reason why you can’t get some more use out of one to keep you warm even as the days stay cool. Kiel James Patrick’s The Steve McClean is a sailor’s dream designed for the trendiest of seafarers. This cozy cotton blend is capable of going with a worn-in pair of jeans or a sleek khaki trouser, allowing you to tote it along to a wide variety of affairs. Casual or chic, it’s your call. Slip into a pair of 484 Slim-fit pant in stretch blue chambray from J.Crewand take a decidedly dapper route. The tailored, slim-fit silhouette is stylish but not constrictive. Throw on a pair of Johnny Sunglasses in clear crystal and take your nautical style to the streets.



While many of the suits you’ll see on the market in the fall may be darker hues, we want you to remember there is something especially handsome about a beige suit. Zara’s Cotton Suit Blazer & Pants in beige is just such a set. It proclaims a cool, calm, and collected image that is just the thing to carry you into the fall. Take this suit a step farther with the simplicity of Takuya Duncan’s streamlined Whitby Button-Down Collar Cotton Oxford Shirt in white. A pre-washed, super- soft collared number, the cut and design are timeless, classic, and clean. Lastly, the French Garden necktie from Dazi Ties will give you an ever-so-light blue floral pop of summertime bliss to celebrate those last drops of extra warm sunshine.



We know they say white after Labor Day is a no-no, but that rule has shifted a little and we’d like to encourage you to push it further. Obviously, you don’t need to storm your way into autumn dressed like Ricardo Montalbán, but some flashes of white can be supercool. We suggest a pair of white sneakers, and there are no better kicks than Van’s Gum Block Old Skool in Birch/True White. The lace-up skate shoe bears the classic side stripe that has become synonymous with the brand’s longstanding dedication to skater culture. The suede uppers are a cut above a typical sneaker and will give you some wiggle room to dress things up a bit if you wish.

Pair it with Banana Republic’s Heritage Mariner Stripe Cotton Button-Shoulder Sweater, a limited-edition piece that champions a profoundly elegant masculinity. The dark horizontal stripes and shoulder closure evoke a nautical energy, while the creamy biscuit base takes you determinedly into fall’s welcoming embrace. Give yourself a distressed set of jeans to go with this look. Abercrombie’s ripped super skinny jeans in a dark wash with repair will offer up a textured contrast to this very structured top.


Let’s face it, guys: suits in summertime can be such a drag. Donning one of those and you’re sure to overheat. The solution? The polo shirt. Polos are one of the greatest boons to men in the summer months looking to get to the office without the burden of a full suit. Bonobos’ Superfine Pique Polo is an aptly named piece that will work for weekends out East or the conference rooms back in the city. A refined luxe top that will let you breathe, it’s available in a staggering and seemingly endless variety of colors, be it light pastels or deep earth tones.

Get yourself dressed to impress with the Light Blue Skinny Smart Pants from Topman. Remember that we’re keeping things vibrant and summery for as long as we can. We know things will get darker and earthy as the leaves begin to fall, but there’s still plenty of time for the vivacity that these slacks can give you. The flat front and creases down the legs will provide a clean-cut look ideal for daytime or a night out. For a last touch: AllSaints’ The Kemble Bomber Jacket in grey will finish off this ensemble with slim-fitted flair.