The Innovative Home

Experience PIRCH, an immersive, revolutionary shopping destination for the perfect household appliances.


Though the Hamptons have been a popular vacation destination for decades, in recent years they have also become a kind of leading test ground for the latest in luxury—where leaders of industry, technology and design come together to merge their talents for the benefit of creating an experience that is comfortable, luxurious, and customizable. Whether you’ve bought a country cottage or a beach bungalow, your Hamptons home requires furnishings that provide comfort, peace, and the latest innovations in utility for you, your family, and your guests. Easy-to-use appliances are a must for Hamptons households, whether for preparing morning cappuccinos for overnight guests or grilling for a dinner party. And in the summer, outdoor space that extends the home and soaks up the sun is a must, requiring ample furniture fit for lounging, and convenience features that can withstand the elements.

For savvy Hamptons homemakers, the area’s relative isolation and transient population can make furnishing and decorating difficult. Items purchased online can look different when they arrive at your door, or the delayed summer use of an appliance you ordered in November might mean an unexpected malfunction and an expired warranty. In an era where imagination has merged with virtual reality, it’s no surprise that a retailer has finally innovated the home appliance experience. Pirch, the innovative home retailer, offers a unique shopping experience that showcases leading brands from kitchen and bathroom to outdoor within an experiential environment. Joining eight locations across the country, Pirch just opened its flagship showroom in SoHo this May, in the can’t-miss coveted crossroads of Broome and Lafayette Streets. The 32,000 sq. ft. showroom spans three floors of a historic, former ironworks building and brings luxury home brands to life with more than 30 interactive vignettes that enable guests to “test-drive” all merchandise.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 4.51.48 PMNothing is worse than picking a fixture from a catalog and finding that its function doesn’t live up to its aesthetic on paper. At Pirch, you can actually test products first in the showroom via magical live-displays where faucets turn on, timers beep, ovens heat, and hearths flicker. This one-of-a-kind purchasing method lets you see how your appliances will actually function out of their packaging, so you can explore, discover and fall in love with the appliances and products that suit your lifestyle before purchasing. Are you picky about your water pressure? Test up to 40 different live shower heads in the bathroom showroom, or book a private steam shower in Pirch’s Sanctuary, the exclusive, experiential home spa, before you install one in your own home.

To guide your experience, Pirch has a variety of expert professionals on hand to make sure you get the most out of your time in the store. Pirch chefs put culinary and outdoor appliances to work in the live demo kitchens, Savor and Patio, elucidating exactly how that steam oven or state-of-the-art grill works. You can sample the dish wafting sizzling scents from the Evo Mongolian Grill, as an industry professional guides you through the no- longer-daunting array of cooking settings and gives you tips and shortcuts about caring for and using your appliances.

From the open-flame hearth on the store’s patio to the wine dispenser begging you to try it in the showroom kitchen, we’d challenge you not to fall in love with the state-of-the art offerings found here. For seasonal homeowners, this is the ultimate opportunity to not only try-before-you-buy, but also to have an immersive shopping experience that offers exposure to the latest and greatest fixtures and furnishings on the market.