The Hamptons at Home

East End TV Episodes

Like all good things, the summer must eventually come to an end. And the long (cold!) stretch of months between Labor Day and Memorial Day can make the wineries and beaches, sunny days and sultry nights of the Hamptons feel farther away than ever. Lucky for us, Hollywood has crafted some Hamptons Time Capsules, with episodes of some of our favorite shows set right here. So, if you find yourself dreaming of the East End (and counting the days until you can hop back on the Jitney and visit), reliving your summer memories is as easy as filling your Netflix queue with these episodes.

Younger: S3E11 “A Book Fair to Remember”

Fed up with hearing that she’s “too old,” for the jobs she wants, recently divorced Liza Miller attempts to pass her (40-year-old) self off as 26. Turns out your problems don’t care how old you are: in this classic episode, Liza visits the Hamptons to promote her publishing imprint, securing an author who knows about her age in order to keep her secret. Nice! Her suitor, Josh, plans to surprise her with a marriage proposal. Brilliant! But he sees her share a kiss with Charles. No! When she gets back into her hotel room, she finds marry me,” written in rose petals – but Josh is gone.

Gossip Girl: S2E1 “Summer, Kind of Wonderful”

“Unlike the rest of us, sex, lies and scandal never take a vacation. Instead, they take the Long Island Expressway and head east to the Hamptons.” So begins the second season of Gossip Girl, and in memorable fashion: with Nate hard at work breaking up a marriage with a much older woman, Blair back from Paris but Chuck unable to tell her that he loves her and of course, the Hamptons White Party – and Serena van der Woodsen’s instantly iconic Grecian gown. Sex, style, seductions“it’s all very Hamptons.

The Affair: Multiple episodes, beginning from S1E1

A lot of the fun of The Affair (aside from the titular titillation) comes from seeing which scenes are set where – and which claim to be one place, but are actually somewhere else. Yes, that really is the Lobster Roll where Alison welcomes Noah to the “end of the world,” but what the show calls Lockhart Ranch is actually Deep Hollow Ranch, and the ranch house that’s purported to be set there is not actually on the property. Test your own Hamptons knowledge by trying to identify all the iconic locales. (Bonus points for the Block Island scenes in S1E4!)

Girls: S6E1 “All I Ever Wanted”

Like so many New Yorkers before her, young Brooklyn writer Hannah flees to the East End to leave her city troubles behind her – and finds that they’re with her for good. Unable to just relax and watch the waves, she carries on a tepid fling with her surf instructor and comes to realize that the laid-back island life is not for her. It’s so much easier to love something than to hate it,” the instructor tells her. All my friends in New York define themselves by what they hate. I don’t even know what my friends like,” she replies. The Hamptons have gone Full Millenial.

Ray Donovan: S6E6 “A Girl Named Maria”

The best takeaway from Ray Donovan’s foray into the Hamptons might be: your Jitney ride can’t be worse than this one. Harebrained crooks Mickey and Bunchy scheme to rob a bus full of passengers, slipping aboard in full priest garb to avoid arousing suspicion, only to be foiled by a vigilante with his own concealed weapon. With only $30 to show for their efforts, the pair disembark – and promptly hold up a check-cashing joint. (Guess the cops weren’t tipped off by any of the bus passengers that they were escaping in the world’s worst getaway car, a blindingly yellow Suzuki Samurai?)

Sex and the City: S2E17 “Twentysomething Girls vs. Thirtysomething Women”

“Twentysomething girls: friend or foe?,” ponders Carrie Bradshaw in one of Sex and the City’s most moving and memorable episodes. The fabulous foursome take their show on the road for a summer share in the Hamptons and meet more than their fair share of twentysomething trouble: Carrie’s sweet (celibate) would-be assistant Laurel Harris is no competition, but Samantha’s crafty (coke-addled) former employee gets under her skin fast and Charlotte’s twentysomething fling gives her more than she bargained for. And then there’s stunning, well-spoken 27-year-old Natasha“ draped over the arm of Mr. Big, who’s just back from Paris. (No wonder Carrie throws up in the sand.)

Royal Pains: Multiple episodes, beginning from S1E1

Concierge doctor Hank Lawson has given us an entire series full of memorable Hamptons moments: wiring an external pacemaker out of Christmas lights, talking Divya through using fish hooks and a vodka bottle to treat a collapsed lung on a sailboat and of course, all of Evan R. Lawson’s proud proclamations that he is“Evan R. Lawson, CFO of HankMed. (Pretty sure Paulo Coastanzo hears that in his sleep.) But the one that gets us every time is a classic moment from the nutty pilot: poor Ms. Newburg’s “flat tire.” (You have to see it to believe it!).