The American Way

Our Country’s Colors on Full Display

Truth, justice, and the American way might be Superman’s mantra, but they are also applicable approaches on how to dress for The Fourth of July. This is one holiday that’s all about spending it with your favorite people. It’s all about inclusion, after all, and we want to make sure you’ve got plenty of options. It doesn’t matter what your celebratory plans are; we’ve got some of this season’s hottest pieces to cater to all of your wardrobe needs. So fire up the grill, crank up some tunes, and take a look at what we’ve got to make this the best Fourth of July yet!


A time-honored American custom, parades are a rollicking way to ring in America’s big day. Let’s start off with a t-shirt. If you’re going to be outdoors in the sun, you’ll want to keep cool, casual, and comfortable. Todd Snyder’s Champion Chest Panel Graphic Tee draws its inspiration from vintage tops, features the brand’s iconic logo, and features crimson cover- stitching at the back of the neck.

Pair this with Theory’s Cotton Poplin Shorts in Eclipse, which are a cut above casual wear. While they may
be for every day, there’s a decidedly tailored structure to them, allowing you to appear put together even when you’re at your most relaxed. And the supreme accessory for this look? Warby Parker’s Haskell Sunglasses in Crystal/Grey, which are a dash of class (and keeping with the red, white, and blue theme we’ve got going on) to keep your eyes protected from those UV rays.



In case you’re planning on hanging seaside, J. McLaughlin’s Gibson Swim Trunk in Paddleboarder are a whimsical take on a classic bathing suit. A soft red base showcases a pattern of embroidered little guys paddling away. J. McLaughlin also has a Callahan Polo in Fineline Stripe, which is a staple piece for any man’s summer wardrobe. While it comes in three distinct colors, the heather blue is particularly dapper.

In case you want to punctuate those glorious ocean waves, check out Sony’s XB10 Waterproof Wireless Speaker. With Bluetooth technology, you can get some serious jams pumping without having to tote around something heavy or huge. The bass on this bad boy is impressive and the battery life will last 16 hours, so you and your friends won’t have to miss a single tune.



How about a boisterous afternoon with your buddies with a backyard BBQ? Few things are as American as that, and your ensemble can show that you’re a host with some on-point threads. Start yourself off with Zara’s Gingham Check Shirt in Red. As classic as apple pie, gingham is a cheery, tried-and-true fabric straight from the heartland.

Coupled J.Crew’s 10.5″ Stretch Shorts in White will have you standing out from a sea of guys clad in typically dark shorts and pants. We know you’re super cool; these shorts will keep you that way. A great belt can go a long way toward revolutionizing any look. Brooks Brothers has a handsome option on offer this season in the form of their BB#1 Stripe Belt in Red. The horizontal stripes are a pledge of allegiance to a slim waist and a salute to a confident strut toward a stylish tomorrow.



What could be more iconic for a Fourth of July celebration than watching fireworks? It can get chilly at night, even during the warm summer months. We want to make sure that you’re warm enough to enjoy the glory ofthe bombs bursting in air. An ideal seafaring cotton, Kiel James Patrick’s The J. Dean Sweater is a blue and white nautical striped masterpiece that will keep you snuggly.

A great pair of jeans are great for summer, but kick it up a notch with Double Eleven’s Slim Fit Jeans in White. Contrasting brilliantly against the dark blue sweater, these babies will show off your gams as you salute the U.S. of A. That said, you’ll need a dash of red, won’t you? Toms are perfect for the summer. Easy to throw on and as comfortable as any pair of slippers you’re likely to come across, their classic red canvas slip-ons are just the thing to punctuate your fireworks gear. Happy Fourth!