Surf, Sand & Style

Options for the Ocean

Sometimes there can be so many options that the choices can be overwhelming. We get it, you want to look your absolute best on your weekends on the East End, but having too many choices can throw you off your game. That’s the last thing we want. We’ve got all of your fun-in-the-sun necessities narrowed down to a simple “either/or” setup for you. Whether we’re talking bathing suits, sandals, or sunglasses, take a gander at these on-trend items that’ll surely have you rocking all the way through your getaway.


Once upon a time, men’s bathing suits were a simple affair. The patterns and styling were often utilitarian and dull. While things have certainly gotten spiced up since then, not every fit is for every man. Taking inspiration from Rio de Janeiro beachwear, men’s clothier and sporting goods retailer Frescobol Carioca touts a variety of elegantly tailored swim trunks that will give you some dapper flair while catching some waves. With pieces in both long leg (cut just above the knee) and short leg (which are cut mid- thigh), their prints are a vibrant and colorful departure from typical dark and drab East Coast swimwear.

The Planalto Tailored Swim Shorts in water blue, for example, are a touch of Rio luxury, detailed with suave button-belted feature along the waist. The pattern is inspired from columns of Brazilian modernist architecture, making them a super cool conversation starter. If a short leg is more your style, the Cerejeira Tailored Swim Shorts are just about perfect. The Cerejeira is a cherry tree, and it is this blossoming bit of flora that inspired Frescobol Carioca’s take on merging nature with geometry. It’s available in a variety of colors, though we’re very partial to the blue.

Frescobol Carioca Planalto Tailored Swim Shorts

If you’re more in the market for a sportier option, Solid & Striped has a board short that will keep you swimming in style without a stitch of aesthetic sacrifice. Available in a variety of colors, the piped navy with red pocket detail is a classic piece that’ll remain in style for years to come.


Of course, if you’re going to be hitting the beach, you’ll need a pair of sandals. The two most common and ideal options for beach sandals are slides and flip flops. For slides, check out Vince’s rubber slides, which are sublimely durable and easy on your feet. Available in black and deep coastal blue; they’ve got a hefty dose of California chic, rendering them stylish without a ton of pomp and circumstance. If you’d rather step into a pair of flip flops, Sperry has got just the pair for you. Their Baitfish flops come outfitted with molded rubber soles and sturdy leather thongs. A nautical triumph, they’re a hand- some set of kicks with a bit of additional chic leather piping across your feet.

Vince Rubber Slides


Some might say the most important part of completing your beach ensemble is a great pair of shades. If you’re opting for a classic option, look no further than Oliver Peoples. Out of a wide array of stellar frames and styles, their O’Malley glasses are exceptional. Inspired by the vibrancy of the eyewear of Los Angeles Dodgers’ former owner, Peter O’Malley, they stand as one of the most immediately recognizable silhouettes you’re likely to come across. For a more modern take, Native Sons Eyewear has exactly what you want. Their Thompson specs are a cutting-edge, industrial take on classic aviators. The bridge piece is just a touch of sci-fi, while the wide lenses will keep your eyes protected and your image impossibly awesome.

Oliver Peoples O’Malley Sunglasses


While you’re likely to want to get some sun on your back, having a shirt on hand while you’re at the beach is always a good idea. Of course, a handy old tee can be great to grab and go; you do have the option of stepping things up a bit. A linen button down is a quintessential beach look. Think Cary Grant. Think James Bond. Island Company Linen’s Nautical Striped Linen Shirt is something from old-fashioned Hollywood. The graceful blue vertical stripes will lengthen your torso while you let it gently billow in the wind.

For the performing athletes out there, Vilebrequin has a collection of polos that will suit you up nicely. A centerpiece of their men’s collection, the Solid Linen Jersey Polo comes in a wide range of colors, any one of which will top off your perfectly put together summertime costume change.

Pictured: Vilebrequin Solid Linen Jersey Polo