Summer Statements

As the Season Continues to Thrill, So Can You

Try this: think back to the very beginning of the year when you were ringing in 2017 and you were focused on the resolutions that would usher in a wave of positive change. Keep that in mind as the summer progresses, and stay in the present moment. It’s so important to celebrate as much as you can and with that, salute all of the glory that summer has to offer. Because layering isn’t really on the menu while the weather is so warm, adding details and
fun combinations of colors and fabrics can be done by way of embroideries, prints, or images, helping your reverence to summer shine through.

Lily Pulitzer’s Lobstah Roll Print Tala Romper is an excellent portal to an electrified afternoon of fun in the sun. A vibrant, tank-style knit that can take you from a day at the beach (it slips easily over your bathing suit) to an afternoon around town, the three explosive color patterns are as evocative as their names: Indigo Sunseekers, Restort Navy, and Multi Sparkling Sands. Each one showcases a vivid and swirling print that will keep the party going all day long.

The great thing about a romper is that you need very little to make it work as an outfit. It can be dressed up for cocktails, but can work wonders on its own. Should you decide to pair it up, why not give yourself over to summer completely by popping on a Textured Summer Straw Hat by J.Crew? Available in black or in a classic natural color, the rounded top and textured brim will keep you away from those pesky UV rays. J. Crew also has a striped version in a dark blue, which swirls with white dyed woven strands.


Stepping out for a spicy weekend at the beach is an absolute must during the summer season. If you’re in a relationship, grab your loved one and get them to the water’s edge. If you’re single, arranging some time to let loose and hit the town should be floated to the top of your to-do list. Your inner vixen is aching to have some play time, and why not dress for it? Banana Republic’s Floral Off-the-Shoulder Ruffle Top is a stellar uniform for such an occasion. Picture it: bare shoulders, a gentle breeze, and a glass of prosecco. This top is basically screaming to be worn, and it’ll surely have everyone around you begging for mercy. The tiered ruffle sleeves showcase the elegant floral print that sweeps across the front in two parallel paths.

Available in either an olive green or stark black base color, the pinkish-red blossoms are a gesture to summer and all that it’s capable pf providing. Pair this with super steamy black skinny jeans from Abercrombie, the Sculpt Hi-rise. This form-accentuating pant is great for either the olive or black version of the BR top and are built to endure, so you’ll have them for fall and winter. But while you’re in the summer season and looking to turn the heat up, step into a pair of Stella McCartney’s Black Satin Pumps. These are more than just a shoe: they’re a Molotov cocktail tossed into whatever room you walk into. Midnight black with a streamlined, sleek shape and elegant rounded toe, the heel illustrates all the drama you could possibly need with a super-edgy stone embellishment.


Go three-dimensional with J.Crew’s Hand-Embellished Floral Top, which sings proudly a love of softness and the flirty fun of summer. Rather than simply printing the florals or even embroidering them, J. Crew has taken it a step beyond by stitching on beads and notions to this flowy, white tank top. The result is a spray of wild flowers that are adorably touchable. Furthermore, an empire waist flatters the smallest parts of you.


Couple this with either a great pair of worn-in jeans, like the Point Sur distressed selvedge jean with long cuff, also at J. Crew. An unusual high-waisted  (that complements the waistline created by the floral top) pant that features a straight t and a cropped bottom hem. Your legs will appear extra-long, particularly because the cone-selvedged denim is cuffed extra high, creating a lengthening effect. The scruffy, distressed patches will keep things casual and laid back with a touch of edgy cool. Finesse this look with a pair of Abercrombie’s Leather Slide Sandals in tan. A simple shoe that will keep your feet breathing all day long, there are two large straps atop the at bottom. The shoe does also come in black, but save those for when you’re aiming for a more cosmopolitan outfit.