Summer Nights

Evening Activities and Outfits for Each

As evening takes center stage on your weekend getaway, one thing is clear: this is a time for you to cut loose and enjoy yourself. From a dinner date to kicking back with friends at home, what you wear speaks volumes about who you are and how you feel. You’ve earned a hefty dose of levity, but that doesn’t have to mean old gym shorts and a tee from college. You can do better and we’re here to help you.


If you’ve got a hot date while you’re hanging out in the Hamptons, you’ll definitely want to step up your game a bit. It’s one of the most glamorous places in the country, after all. Start yourself off with Zara’s Basic Blazer, a formidable piece that will serve you across a myriad of occasions. Slim fitting and sleek, it drapes you in a classic silhouette while keeping you on-trend. You’ve got four colors to choose from, though black is always a safe way to go for date night.

You don’t necessarily need to take the button-down route here and Zara’s Deluxe T-Shirt is a fantastic alternative. A reliable solid crew neck, it comes in eight distinct colors. One often disregarded part of a man’s ensemble is his wallet. Your dinner companion doesn’t need to see the beat-up thing you’ve used to carry your cards around. Givenchy’s Shark-Print Card Holder is absolutely fierce, with a vibrant Great White printed atop black pebble-grained leather.LIVE MUSIC

For those times when you’re going out for some bombastic live music, you’ll want to dress things down a bit, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put some effort into what you wear. GAP’s “Seeing Double, Feel- ing Single” tee is a feather- light short-sleeve that features the aforementioned phrase in progressively blurrier font. It’s a fun attention-grabber and pairs suavely with J.Crew’s Stretch Denim Jacket, which is a slim-fit take on the tried- and-true classic. Constructed with a Japanese aesthetic, it’s dyed with a deep blue indigo shelton wash.

Soludos’ Espadrilles are what you’ll want on your feet with this look, keeping things casual and comfortable. The Convertible Original slip-on is a signature Soludos design, with a creamy soft leather back and a variety of color options for the uppers.


Sometimes one of the best ways to spend an evening out East is at a roaring bonfire on the beach. The sea air and the glow of the embers don’t have to be the only thing heating things up though. Pick up a pair of J.Crew’s 484 Slim-fit Pants In Stretch Chino and you’ll maintain your dapper reputation while staying comfortable. There are 11 (you read that right) color options with a helpful dash of stretchy give.

Throw on Cyril’s Zip Fleece Hoodie from Montauk Mainstay to keep the chilly air away. While the light charcoal is flattering on pretty much everyone and the nautical logo is an ode to the ocean, the indigo waist and cuffs add a posh touch to what could simply be a cuddly go-to hoodie. Of course, you’ll want some cozy kicks while you’re toasting marshmallows by the fire. Tretorn’s Camden4 sneaker is a low- top shoe with tonal laces and a handsome suede upper. They’re debonair without pushing your image too over the top.


What if you just want to stay at home and have some friends over? What if you’d rather toss some burgers and dogs on the grill and crack open a beer? There is still a way to keep some style in your stead. Lululemon, who is notorious for their flattering pieces, has their City Sweat Shorts on offer for just such an occasion.

Then pick up one of Mack Weldon’s pima cotton long sleeve tops. Slim-fitting and made with an enzyme wash to create a smooth finish, they will also come in handy when the weather gets cool again. And we’ll save you the trouble of having to do your hair as we recommend The Twill Logo Cap from Abercrombie and Fitch. There are several varia- tions on this baseball hat, but we adore the simple ‘A’ in white lettering on the black back- ground. It makes a statement while still maintaining a trace of mystery.