Summer Camp (Shirts)

Who Said You Have to Leave Camp Behind as an Adult?

In the past we’ve enjoyed putting together some slamming looks for all of your East End needs, but this time we’re poised to do something a little bit different. We want to cast a wide net for a change, because there are some essential odds and ends that should be at every man’s fingertips. We’ve done the leg work and have found an ace piece build you a great base wardrobe to take you through the rest of your summer: the camp shirt. Here are our top picks.

Starting things off with a burst of color, Zara’s Beach Print Shirt is a bowling top that emanates vibrancy and represents all of the frivolity of summertime fun in the sun. Splashes of orange, red and sea foam,
the palm trees and beach shacks printed across this lively piece will pair greatly with both jeans, slacks and swimsuits alike.

Polo Ralph Lauren’s Andy Rayon Camp Collar Shirt is another top that will add a refreshing splash of color to what could otherwise be a sea of dark threads. We know that East Coasters often tend toward grays and blacks. With seashells, seahorses and sea sirens poised to do the hula, this button-down is alive with vacay vibes. The lightweight rayon features a camp collar and will serve as a reminder that you deserve to kick back and recharge your batteries.

Keeping things colorful is Tommy Jeans’ Flamingo Print Camp Shirt, providing a short-sleeved camp button-down that touts whimsical cartoon flamingos poised for a day of sunny surfing. Lightweight and another exuberant top to pair with beachy bottoms (stick with jeans or shorts with this one, guys).

A bit of eye-catching vintage material, Tommy Bahama has struck 1950’s-style gold with their Hula Back Girls Camp Shirt. A chambray panel back camp shirt offers a comfortable tribute to Hawaiian wonderment with a beautiful original print of two hula girls strumming away on a set of ukuleles. Easy to wash and easy to wear, this collared short-sleever is a casual-wear masterpiece.

Canty’s Water Floral Short Sleeve is another camp top that is meant for a bit more than jeans and sneakers. A debonair water-colored floral print that can have you turning heads at a summertime outdoor cocktail affair, you’ll want to keep the slacks on the simple side (black is our recommendation) with this one.

Urban Outfitters has become notable for merging fashion with hilarity. Their Banana Short Sleeve Button Down is a perfect example, the black line-drawn printed fruit showcased against bright and very cheery yellow cotton. The details might take a back seat to the vivacity of such a bold primary color, but take note of the pointed collar and split hem.

River Island’d Black Tile Print Short Sleeve Shirt is an elegant eastern-styled button- down that takes things up from the casual realm. Black and white, with a slight hint of red for good measure, the viscose carries a series of printed patterns across the lower half. The upper half
is a bit simpler, with diamonds and polka-dots in a hypnotic alternating formation. Try this one out with a pair of stark white slacks to really seal the deal with a handsome pair of dressy black leather sandals.

Reiss is a reliable place to find on-trend pieces that won’t break the bank. Their Fiji shirt is a marvelous beach party waiting to happen. The cuban collar and Hawaiian-inspired print will set a glimmering and suave tone for your summer. Pair it with some linen shorts and earthy sandals and slip on a pair of wayfarers as you strut your stuff along the shore.