Stay Neutral

A sure fire boost to wardrobe mainstays

Trends in fashion are like ping pong balls. Things come in and out of style at such a dizzying pace that knowing whether it’s hip to favor big, dark patterns over bright solids at any given moment is tough. Of course there are the lasting bits of style wisdom (florals and brighter colors in Spring/Summer and earth tones in Fall/Winter are still pretty standard), but sometimes what’s on the rack might not always be a reliable indicator of what works and what doesn’t. The solution? When in doubt, go neutral. And why? Because these colors go well with everything, including accessories and accent pieces like ties, shoes, hats and jewelry. Think of it as a painter would: neutrals are your canvas on which you can choose to either go exploring (a bright patterned pocket square or a rich, solid jacket) or to simplify (the more subdued,simplified gents might slip on a white or gray top and call it a day). Neutrals can be whatever you need them to be: portals to vivid wardrobe changes or cool and classic ensembles unto themselves.
Club Monaco (35 Main St., Southampton)
Club Monaco
’s exquisitely tailored chinos are an absolute neutral essential this summer. Taking the cut and fit into consideration, there are two different styles hanging in their Southampton location. The Connor is a sleek, modern and slim pant, while The Bennett is a more traditional fit, sitting below the waist with a strong, straight cut. Both are available in linens and light cottons in a variety of colors from classic khaki to light gray. If shorts are what you’re after, the Tailored Pincord Short, with its sophisticated, lightweight cotton silhouette, is perfect for that cocktail party on the patio. The gray and white simple pinstripe pattern looks great with an understated button down.
club monaco
Elie Tahari (1 Main St., East Hampton) 
Elie Tahari began his career in design in the 1970’s, and has since developed amen’s collection that is synonymous with sleek. Comfort meets sexy with Tahari bringing some much needed sophistication to active and loungewear. For those chilly nights relaxing with friends or for just hanging around the house, check out their gray-fronted Logan Two-Tone Sweater. The David Pant is a neutral, homage to the skinny jean. Flattering on the contours of your legs, the black detailing around the knees taper down the David’s dreamily soft heather gray cotton.
elie tahari
Takuya Duncan 
Founded by Takuya Suzuki and Aaron Duncan, 
Takuya Duncan is a perfect marriage of EastAsian trendy chic and Hamptons luxury. Focusing on wardrobe essentials and simple pieces, the brand is a meditation on creativity-meets-wealth. Comfortable, creamy soft and a great addition to the overnight bag, The Newton Zip-Front Hoodie features a distinguished yet hip graphite pattern. As with their versatile, ring-spun and organic crew neck tees, many of Takuya Duncan’s tops are designed to be slim fitting but not tight.
takuya duncan
Big Flower (23 Newtown Lane, East Hampton)
Flower was founded by designer Greg Ammon, inspired by weekends in The Hamptons. Their business model radiates all things tender, loving and easy. Case in point is the Heather Bonfire Pullover, a creamy soft sweatshirt that can be paired with jeans or casually thrown on for lazy weekend afternoons. For something with a bit more oomph, the Stretch Linen Trousers are a great staple for anyone’s wardrobe.  Available in four incredibly versatile colors, these immaculately constructed pants have a touch of stretchiness woven in to give you a bit of comfort.
big flower