Sock It to You

Look Debonair Down There

Don’t wear white socks with dress shoes. Don’t wear black socks with white sneakers. Rules like these have floated around the style-verse for ages, but there are still some gray areas, and still some do’s and don’t’s that we want to clear up.

Your socks don’t have to be an afterthought, and they certainly don’t have to recede into the dark either. Much like a tie or a pocket square, a well-chosen sock can give a man’s outfit a bit of flavor and be an indicator of his true personality.

Best for Breathability: Bombas

There’s really nothing quite like a good, breathable sock. Founded in 2013, Bombas (which is latin for “hive”) has become a torchbearer of the sock industry. Not only do they feature a variety of styles and prints in nearly every color imaginable, their commitment to humanitarianism has made them arguably the most notable brand of their kind.

Lightweight and long lasting, these socks are constructed at a very high bar. Their merino wool no-shows and their innovative athletic socks are among their best-sellers, largely because of how well they let your feet breathe. A day out and about will leave you dry and comfortable without a hint of sweaty toes.

Best to Show Some Personality: Fun Socks

With menswear, the devil is in the details. We love the idea of showing your personality through your look with statement pieces like socks. A suit can pop with a little tease of a bright, silly, or bold pattern. Fun Socks’ ethos is literally “Wear Your Fun,” and we can’t agree more.

Back in 2017, the company was formed by New Yorker Isaac E. Ash, who brought a fashion-forward, daring, and cheery approach to an item of menswear that had long been thought of as stodgy and dull. Even classic styles like stripes have been given
a slick makeover, as with the wavy stripe dress sock. Or, take the argyle, which has been long heralded as the quintessential dressy sock. Fun Socks’ version, The Broken Argyle, is an eye- catching burst of color and frivolity.

Best for Everyday: Nice Laundry

Finding footwear for everyday use often has people sacrificing style for the sake of comfort, and socks are no different. Everyone wants their feet to stay dry and comfortable all day long, and that begins with a well-chosen sock. Nice Laundry has a commitment to filling their customers’ sock drawers with their MicrolastTM processing, which reduces shrinkage and provides additional stretch. Additionally, their EverknitTM process wards the toes and heels against wear and tear. (Don’t you hate it when your favorite socks get holes?)

Best for the Classics: Gold Toe

When in doubt, always turn toward the classics. Certain styles will always be on-trend, and that’s one of the reasons we adore Gold Toe. With a focus on the heart of what men need from a quality sock, their stripes, solids, and argyles are all on point. Their handsome prints also can show a hint of color in an otherwise monochromatic suit and tie look, while more robust pieces can give you the arch support you need for a good workout.

The Midnight Deer Argyle can bring a much-needed pop of bright red and soft green to a subdued dress shoe/pant combo. But make no mistake, this isn’t your grandpa’s sock collection. You can easily rock the Bloody Mary crew socks and their eponymous cocktail patterned against a bright blue backdrop.