Seasonal Transition

Styling Your Summer Pieces for Autumn

While we’ve spent all summer giving you the odds and ends for every event and occasion under the very hot sun, we know that it’d be a shame to let these pieces go into storage for a whole year just because the season is ending. With that in mind, we’ve got some slamming pieces that can be styled to float you into autumn with the greatest of ease.


White jeans are mostly the providence of summer, but you can get some wear out of them in September for sure. That old “white after Labor Day” rule has faded a bit, so it’s not necessarily the faux pas it once was. J. Crew’s 8” Toothpick Jeans are exactly what you need to transition from the bombast of summer to the cool elegance of autumn. Pair it with Abercrombie’s Tie-Up Button-Up Top in either cream or blue stripe. They’re billowy, easy breezy deep-v tops that will keep you cool in those warm, early fall months but will have you covered up for those chilly nights in September.

Accessorize this look with Banana Republic’s Vegan Leather Mini Tote in nutmeg. This angular bag can be carried with a shoulder strap or with the generous top handles, making it a transformative piece in and of itself. Made of 100 percent vegan leather, it’ll give you enough room for everything throughout the day…and then a little extra.



For your hunger to find a cute, light dress to get you from August to September, look no further than the Angled Seam Midi Dress from & Other Stories. A midnight-blue sleeveless number that cascades down below the knee, it’s still light enough to not stifle you if the temperature gets high. The ribbed viscose is cut on an angle twice across the middle, allowing for some asymmetry to give you a bit of drama. And since we’re going for theatrics on this one, we want you to protect your eyes with a pair of Modern Round Sunglasses from Calvin Klein in Bitter Brown. These have all of the best parts of wayfarers and old- world Hollywood cat’s-eye specs with a textured surface and darkly tinted lenses.

Last but not least, we want you to continue with all of that hard work you’ve put into getting your beach body ready for summer. What better way to remember both your inner and outer strength than with The Benchmark Collection’s 1LB Signet Ring. Available with or without a 1.7mm white diamond, this oxidized silver bauble features a recreated gym weight that tells the world you mean major business.



We. Adore. Culottes. An extremely comfortable option for this tricky time of year, you can ensure you’ll be comfortably and supremely stylishly dressed, no matter where the day takes you. Zara’s Paperbag Waist Culottes are adorable and the drawstring belt will have you secure without things getting too tight. The wide legs will allow for cool air to dance across your legs while also providing a fun and dynamic silhouette. Complement this with The GAP’s Modern Stripe Ballet-Back T-Shirt. The elegant and thin horizontal stripes work beautifully with the elbow-length sleeves. The scoop neck in back will have a gentle autumnal breeze caressing your skin as you run for coffee with your pals. While we stand by any of the four versatile color options, we strongly encourage the navy stripes.

Add some glimmer and good earth with Forever 21’s Wooden Bangle Bracelet Set. These four stackable bangles are a delightful combination of deep brown wood and shiny gold and will clatter glamorously down your arm throughout the day.



One other important thing about fashion for the fall transition from summertime: layering is everything. Because the climate is still sorting things out and temperatures may jump or plummet at a moment’s notice, we want you to have some pieces made to layer, starting with a silk cami. Able to be worn on its own or paired with a sweater, jeans, slacks, or skirt, it sings out a declaration of your own mystique. Josie Natori’s Silk Camisole is a silver stunner, formative and perfect for any occasion. You’ll brightly strut your stuff right into fall with the scoop neckline letting you get some vitamin D while the sun is still out.

Don’t let the name fool you: Levi’s Wedgie Fit Skinny Jeans are undeniably sublime. The distressed deep-black denim will work in wondrous contrast to the sleek sheen of the cami, while the bottom hem is cut mid shin so you won’t be completely covered (it’s still warm enough to rock a sandal). For those chilly nights, throw on a ribbed long cardigan sweater from J. Crew. The weave will keep you cuddly and toasty, while the structure will work to feature the layers you’ve got underneath.