Say More by Wearing Less

Selecting Statement Pieces for Summer

Hallelujah! Summer is finally upon us! We know you can’t wait to dive into the pool and wade into those revitalizing ocean waves. But before you start pouring the sangria, have you checked on your collection of swimsuits since last year? It might be worthwhile to pull them all out and give them the once over. It’s not only about what fits your body, but also what suits who you are this year.

A lot can happen from one summer to the next, after all. That goes for your beachside accessories, too. Towels, beach bags, and other seaside necessaries can wear out and we wouldn’t want you looking threadbare or dated. You’ll be dressed way down, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still wear something that speaks up.


Let’s start with the most essential part of your trip to the pool or beach: your bathing suit. Amber Heard might have looked gorgeous swimming in that green jumpsuit in Aquaman, but we can do one better. Ditch those tired old one-pieces and tattered bikinis and make bolder declarations this summer. Oye’s dedication to unusual and seductive silhouettes sets them apart from run of the mill swimwear you’ll find on racks anywhere. Their ethos, seeing fashion beyond the beach, permeates each and every gorgeous item. Case in point, their Lucette Bicolor two-piece. This elegant and bright red and pink suit features an exquisite crisscross design, while the bottom’s high waist can be flipped down for a low-rise look.


Jade Swim’s sleek Halo one-piece is available in a staggering eleven different colors and will transform you into an Amazon princess. From the front, the angular single strap is alluring enough, but it’s at the back where the drama really sings; a cutout back, to be specific, which almost creates a bikini effect.Taking things in a sportier direction, Solid & Striped’s new Jean two-piece is as much an homage to vintage Bond girl- chic as it is hipster-cool. The high-waisted bottom is crowned with an adjustable belt, complete with a shiny silver hoop closure. The top, meanwhile, is an exercise in simplicity. While the whole thing is done up in a deep charcoal grey, the light grey stitching along the front is fabulously slimming.

While you’re not going to be draped in a ton of accessories while you’re laying out in the sun, that doesn’t mean you have to forgo beachy bling altogether. We caution you to keep an eye on what you wear, though, as some metals can have a gnarly reaction to salt water or chlorine and we wouldn’t want that! That said, there is some really eye-catching jewelry made for swimsuit weather. Take a look at the bracelet with metal shell pendants in gold tone from ASOS, for instance. With delicate gold seashells liked together in a chain, it’s a deep- sea trinket for all of your Little Mermaid fantasies.

Bangles are always big, but this season they’re particularly in vogue. Head over to Phyllis + Rosie for their sublime bangles, which come as a set of five cuffs. You’ll love the tinkling ring of the 14K yellow gold-filled, sterling silver, and 14K rose gold clattering down your wrist as you reach for a sip of your margarita. Let your hair down, and swim with the mermaids in a pair of Anthropologie’s Amande Drop Earrings. Available in either deep sky-blue lapis or sea green jade, these treasures remind us all that weekend getaways out East are meant for fun.

While packing your bathing suit and sunscreen (don’t forget to reapply after you get out of the water!), remember that the most important item for a day at the beach or by the pool is your towel. Consider what the ones in your bathroom say about who you are. How do they make you feel? At the beach, your towel is more than a way to dry off, it’s your home base, something soft and snuggly, that echoes the essence of your personality.

An excellent example is Serena & Lily’s Melville Hooded Towel, which features a school of whales against fluffy white Turkish cotton. Yes, hooded towels are often a providence of the kiddies. However, this one’s a full-sized, wearable way to get dry, so embrace your inner child!Pendleton’s dedication to soothing the spirit is on full view with their Big Medicine Spa Towel. A black backdrop with red Navaho stripes showcases the majesty of the rare white buffalo printed in the center. This is large enough for two, so you can snuggle up to somebody or spread out on your own to take in all that the summer has to offer.

Skova’s Kilim travel towels are a splashy convergence of lavenders, pinks and vibrant reds. Pop in your earbuds, lay back on this beauty, and make every day at the beach a music festival.

Essential to carry a juicy paperback, your iPad or some snacks, a beach bag is another choice outlet for personal expression. Poolside Collective’s North/South Beach Tote is a statement piece if ever there was one. The brand’s customizable embroidery option allows for you to let the world know who you are, while the bag’s unique shape and sturdy brown leather handles can effortlessly serve year-round.Kayu’s Amara bag is a cotton rope triumph, complete with twin rattan hoop handles, that is anything but your mama’s tired old beach tote.

The Nylon Sutton Tote from Onia is a more industrial take on a beach bag. For the sophisticated beach bum, it’s available in five subdued colors and is large enough to hold a weekend’s worth of bits and bobs.