Pops of Patriotism

Red, White, Blue, and You

Happy Fourth of July! While the nation might be a tense place these days, the core values of our country still can and should be brightly celebrated…and you’ll need to dress for it. There’s a bevy of ways to show your love for the big red, white, and blue, and the exuberance and spirited tradition of donning our country’s colors is certainly one of them.


Parades are a tradition for ringing in The Fourth. Because this is a mostly outdoor affair, you’ll want to make sure you’re putting comfort first when it comes to what you wear.

Baseball is the American pastime and ‘47 Brand’s New York Yankees Fader Letter Crew is just the thing to show your love of the game. You’ll be relaxed but with a bit of sporty flair. Speaking of comfort, Rag & Bone’s Boy Shorts are slouchy cutoffs that won’t ride up on you. A soft, light- washed denim, you’ll keep cool all afternoon as you cheer the parade on. Complete this look with a pair of Converse Chuck Taylors in white. A classic favorite, they’re reliable, always in style, and built to last.



If  you’d rather cheer on America’s big day by the pool, things can always get a bit more festive. First things first, you’ll need a great swimsuit, and we’ve got a dynamite suggestion for you. Trina Turk’s Solid Ruffled One Piece in Sapphire is a timeless waterside stunner that allows you to heat things up as you cool yourself down. Sexy doesn’t always have to mean showing a ton of skin, after all, and this brilliant blue suit’s ruffle, draped across the neckline and across your shoulders, will keep all eyes on you.

Amita Naithani Eyelet Lace Bottoms are an elegant complement to this look, complete with a touch of hippie chic texture. A stark white cover- up that makes for a complete costume change with minimal effort, the floral cotton cutouts and beaded detailing on the drawstrings are nothing short of sublime. But don’t forget that you’ll need something to tote your towel and sunscreen (and remember to give yourself a good coating). Poolside Collective’s Le Gran Maman has got you covered. This beachy weekend tote is a straw bag large enough to cart around everything you could need. With the words “Wet Hot American Summer” stitched onto the side, you’ll be giving yourself not only a great conversation starter, but also a super sexy summertime mantra.



You can always fire up the grill with a backyard BBQ this Fourth of July. Draper James’ Stripe Persley Ponte Dress is a satisfying mixture of sixties mod and hipster posh. The light blue and white stripes are bisected by a dark band around the middle (complete with red edging), putting some structure into your strut.

Accessorize yourself smartly with Mark & Graham’s Vivid Leather Phone Case in White. The contrast of the bright pop of white against the red, white, and blue of the Ponte Dress will let everyone know your heart lies with America. Need an extra dash of red to offset it all? Jack Rogers’ Spirit Sandal in Red are just the thing to take this summertime ensemble to a supremely patriotic high. Done up with the brand’s iconic whipstitching, the red leather uppers are topped with pops of floral glamour.



If your heart is calling you to do nothing more than lean back and watch the fireworks, we’ve got something just for that. You’ll want to dress a bit warmer as the sun goes down (particularly if you happen to be catching the show from the beach). Lexington Company’s Lova Sweatshirt is a demure salute to America. Just right for a perfect night, it’s a casual and soft dark blue cotton pullover that features a flag logo across the front.

Pair this with GAP’s Mid Rise True Skinny Jeans to continue the streamlined, slim silhouette while still staying clear of anything that binds. These jeans have some nice give in them, so you’ll stay looking great without the worry that they’ll bunch or slouch. The best way to finish this look is with a kickass pair of shoes. JSlides GREAT Red Knit are still supporting your soles, but with a stylish step-up from casual.