Party [and dress] Like it’s 1999

Eye-catching Trends From the ’90’s

The 90’s was the providence of profound evolution in music and fashion. As the thrones once occupied by Nirvana and Alanis Morissette ultimately gave way to boy bands and pop princesses, the trends in fashion also transformed, going from grunge and Lilith-style batik to a streamlined and polished silhouette. Shapes were being amplified and accentuated in ways they hadn’t been in years. Pleated shorts were suddenly being embraced by youth culture. The Spice Girls caused platform shoes to run rampant and miniskirts were everywhere. Today, many of these styles are reemerging as coveted once more. The late 90’s was all about exuberance and rocking out, so take a look at some of these looks and party like it’s 1999.


Pleated shorts summon images of Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox lounging at Central Perk in early Friends episodes. In a wave of 90’s nostalgia, GAP has dug into their archives and reissued these babies for 2017. The Archive Reissue Pleated Fit Shorts, available in both Olive and Khaki, are a 100% cotton affair that feature a sublimely smooth twill weave and slant pockets at the front. You can catch Laura Dern rocking shorts exactly like these in the 1993 Jurassic Park film, and they’re perfect for a casual and comfortable afternoon of running errands.

However, if you’d like something a bit more adventurous, Reiss’ Miller Short is a light blue culotte number that, like GAP’s version, works perfectly for an active piece of daywear, but is a tad more youthful. When paired with a blouse, they can work out a sexy number for an evening of partying, especially if you add a pair of killer shoes.

Reiss Miller Short, $180


Speaking of shoes, remember the glory days of flatforms? Steve Madden has them back on offer this season with the Slinky, a sleek, black rendition of the 90’s favorite. The stretchy fabric upper gently covers the top of your foot with an open-toed, 2.25 inch platform.

Like something out of an episode of Saved by the Bell, J/Slides’ Aprie sneaker is a flaform with a major floral flair. Leather lined and with a soft fabric upper, they work exquisitely with jeans or with something that shows a bit more leg. As an added bonus, they come with a removable gel insert so your feet will be well tended, though make sure you pick up some no- show socks to go with them!

J/Slides Aprie Sneaker, $135


Levi’s has got a magnificent version that looks straight out of a Rage Against the Machine video. The Altered Wide Leg Jean is the quintessential grunge throwback. It’s built from non-stretch denim and creates a flattering and lengthening silhouette. Maybe your tastes veer more toward the soulful and gentle alternative side of things. In that case, check out Theory’s bright white pleated tunic with eyelets. The v-neck and billowy body and sleeves are absolutely perfect for summertime. A folksy top with a scalloped hem, it would serve as a gorgeously strong contrast to the heavy blocks of a pair of flatforms.

Levi’s Altered Wide Leg Jeans, $128


All you wanna do is have some fun, right? What would the 90’s have been without miniskirts? Whether it was a floral or a denim iteration, it was an opportunity to get some sun on your legs. Do battle with the summer heat while saluting the sultry excellence of a great mini. Pixie Market has unveiled the stunning Baxter Asymmetric Button Skirt, a stretchy dark blue denim with some elegant contrasting stitches along the hems. The added detail of the large button closures make this mini a must-have for the summer.

H&M has two different versions of their A-line mini to suit you. The imitation suede skirt in midnight black can add a bit of texture to your overall look, and the thick zip that runs up the front is all punk rock coolness. The white version is a bit softer and the white buttons have a touch of black swirl around their edges. Both of these pieces are incredibly affordable and also can go with nearly anything. If you want to take the 90’s rock chick route, Abercrombie’s High Neck Tank in either creamy white, marled gray, or black will, with its waffle texturing, will invoke your inner Tori Amos. If you’re nostalgic for 90210 realness, Abercrombie’s Icon Polo in any of the four vibrant colors will make that white H&M A-line mini pop. Step out in stylish celebration of a decade that dared to push boundaries!

H&M A-line Mini, $24.99