Musician Spotlight: Danielle Bradbery

Radiating in Country and Beyond

Texas native Danielle Bradbery was due to perform this summer on duo Sugarland’s There Goes The Neighborhood Tour, but as we know the neighborhood looks entirely different right now. But that isn’t stopping the multifaceted country singer whose voice effortlessly wavers between pop and R&B. If Bradbery’s name sounds familiar, she has been a fixture in the country music world for years now, the youngest ever to win season four of The Voice in 2013 at the age of 16.

Two albums behind her and another on the way, Danielle Bradbery has already performed on the Today show, she was the voice of the Sochi 2014 Olympics, and she cut a track on the Charlie’s Angels soundtrack. Additionally, she has toured with major players such as her The Voice coach Blake Shelton, Brad Paisley, Miranda Lambert, Kane Brown, and Thomas Rhett. Her songs “The Heart Of Dixie,” “Sway,” and “Goodbye Summer” featuring Thomas Rhett all landed Bradbery on the radio, and she’s also been known to cover a range of fan favorites like “Breathe” by Faith Hill, “Shallow” by Lady Gaga, “Burn” by Ellie Goulding, and “Set Fire to The Rain” by Adele.

Danielle has a lot coming up this summer. Her current single “Never Have I Ever” is primed for a season of sunshine and romance, and upcoming single “Girls in My Hometown” is a nostalgic anthem for a complex world. Danielle spoke with Hamptons Monthly about her new collaboration with Zac Brown on superstar producer Diplo’s first country project, joked about her TikTok videos, and mentioned a career highlight where she performed alongside Lee Ann Womack, Little Big Town, Andra Day, and Common.

Wow, what a whirlwind we are all living through. With the tour canceled,
do you think there will be some sort of livestream dates or something special with Sugarland?

Probably a little bit of everything. Hopefully we can figure something out for the fans and for everybody ’cause that was such a big tour and a big deal for me to be on it. I was so thankful for that and I was so bummed it was canceled, but no answers yet.

You have already won a season of The Voice and toured with Kane Brown, Blake Shelton, Thomas Rhett, and many others. What was a moment you felt like you really made it in the music industry?

There are a lot of moments to choose from, to be honest. There are so many amazing things that have happened, just being a part of this industry and country music. Tours, and listening to your song on the radio, and winning The Voice was a huge pinch- me moment, but there’s one specific show I did: it was the CMT Artists of the Year, and they asked me kind of quick the night before l if I would be able to perform with Lee Ann Womack, Little Big Town, Common, and Andra Day, and I was like “wow.” That is such a huge compliment. So, that was definitely a pinch-me moment, and to perform in front of every other artist.

You joined forces on Diplo’s first-ever country album, Diplo Presents Thomas Wesley Chapter 1: Snake Oil, with Diplo and Zac Brown for “Hometown.” There are so many great crossovers right now in country. How did you happen to jump on this?

Yeah, it was kind of a surprise for me too. That happens sometimes, out of nowhere. Management will come to me and be like, well, you have this really cool opportunity, see if you like this song and want to sing on it. I kind of know one of Diplo’s producers, Henry, I call him King Henry, in LA and he is a super, super cool dude. He was a huge part in having my vocal on it. I was actually in LA writing for a while and they said when you’re out there will you come sing on the song and I was obsessed with it. I am a huge fan of Diplo too. I went there and did my vocal and it didn’t take too long, and it was just natural, and I’m super pumped to see what comes with it. I was really, really excited to be on the song.

What else might be coming up for you this season. Are you releasing more music, doing any livestreams, can we expect some more fun choreographed clips on your TikTok?

There’s a lot to look forward to and I don’t have specifics yet. It’s literally just in the process of making new music. I’m trying to get in the studio as much as I can, even in this weird time. “Never Have I Ever” is my new single and “Girls in My Hometown” is the runner-up. Definitely more music and more TikToks. There’s a lot more to come, I’m brainstorming with my management and label and I’m super pumped about that.

You will soon be releasing the beautiful “Girls in My Hometown.” Women in country music are probably taking the most risks right now and also writing and performing some of the best songs. This song is definitely a nod to other women, an empowering anthem about living up to expectations and pressures of the world. What do you hope to represent in country music for years to come?

You know, I completely agree with you. Women, a lot of us are putting out braver music, sound-wise, all over the map. “Girls in My Hometown” is definitely one that puts the finger on women and how they are doing now. But I hope to be a word for people and be an inspiration, and I hope it kind of goes all over the map, even to men too. I hope for everybody I can give a positive and honest message, for people to love my music and sing it with confidence and be an artist that people can respect and love.