Looking Good on the L.I.E.

What to Wear on Your Jitney Journey

Gents, we love the idea of advising you on what to wear once you get out to the Hamptons. Parties, trips to the beach, and nights on the town all call for different threads. However, there is another important part of your East End getaway that is worth addressing: your ride on the Jitney. In an area where people come to be seen, it’s game on from the moment you board that shuttle. We’re not proposing that you wear a three-piece suit like a businessman taking a Pan Am flight, but an old tee and sweats aren’t really right either. We want you to be comfortable while still maintaining a put- together sense of style.


Let’s start with pants and shorts. You want a great fit, yes, and something that won’t be a wrinkled mess by the time you’re off the Jitney. It’s also got to be something you can happily slip on in the morning and won’t leave you constricted.

Rhone Commuter Jogger, $128

Rhone is a great place to start in the search for traveling pants because their entire Jogger line is devoted to exactly that. The brand’s enthusiasm for the active man (and quality materials) is exemplified in all of their pieces’ capacity to last.

Hill City, another high- performance retailer, has reimagined athletic and active wear, paving the way for a stylish hybridization of both genres. Their everyday pieces can withstand a lot, guaranteeing their presence in your wardrobe is a lasting one.

Hill City Everyday Pants in Athletic Slim, $128

Lastly, there’s Bonobos, the champion of pants and shorts that really fit. The brand was founded on exactly that mantra: not too tight and not too boxy. Their wares are constructed with their signature curved waistband, which conforms to the natural shape of your waist.

Bonobos Stretch Washed Chino Shorts, $78


Opting for a light top layer, like a hoodie or a thin jacket, can keep you from catching a chill in an air-conditioned ride, while not overburdening yourself with something too warm on your subway commute on a summer Friday.

J. Crew, always a reliable source for dapper, on-trend pieces, is a match made
in heaven for the Hamptons frequent flyer. Details are carefully designed without being too overworked or garish. Instead, the focus is on colors and shapes to suit you.J.Crew Lightweight French Terry Hoodie in Tie-Dye, $89.50

Likewise, Club Monaco is, as the English would say, “a cut above.” The Canadian-founded Ralph Lauren offshoot is all things elegance and class, with strong statement pieces to suit everyone’s taste.Club Monaco Boucle Hoodie, $159.50

Then there’s Everlane, which we want to be everyone’s new best friend. Their clothes look great on everybody and the brand prides itself on function and form working hand in hand. In addition, the company proudly touts a sturdy ethical mission, often working with repurposed and recycled materials.Everlane The 100% Human Unisex French Terry Sweatshirt in Large Print, $54


Ah, your feet! Perhaps the most important component of your ensemble, the shoes you choose can make or break your experience traveling to the Gold Coast. Unless you have a formal event ahead of you, we’d suggest leaving those hard dress shoes at home. Brands that are able to bring some frivolity and fun into your weekend wardrobe are the ones we’ve got on our radar.

While Vans are often attributed to skater culture, they actually have a much greater appeal. Always comfortable and always ideal for travel, they’re sneakers for those who want something that’s not quite a boat shoe but not a full-on basketball sneaker either.Vans x National Geographic Authentic, $65

Luxe shoe brand Axel Arigato has capitalized on the trend of stark white sneakers. While they do carry other colors, it’s the breezy quality of their bright whites (which are available in a variety of styles) that catch our eye.

Axel Arigato Clean 90 Sneaker, $184

For something a bit different, New York- based shoe brand THEY might be just what you’re after. With a love of minimalist design, siblings Jack and Angela have crafted a collection of incredibly head- turning kicks that are unlike anything else on the market.THEY Two-Tone Mids, $298


Every man needs a great set of luggage. It speaks as much about you as your clothes or your car do. It’s an extension of who you are and how you travel. A cool carry-all bag really does show the world that you’ve got all your ducks in a stylish row.

Founded in 1941 New York as a family operation in a midtown loft, Coach originally was centered around wallets and billfolds. Since then, they’ve become synonymous with bags and luggage of all shapes and sizes. While their clutches and purses are a major part of their draw, their men’s selection is a handsome and incredibly well made. While their headquarters remains in midtown, their global reach has allowed their products to serve men and women everywhere.

Coach Reversible Pacer Tote, $395

Longchamp, another internationally celebrated manufacturer of bags, takes a decidedly more urban approach to design. While there is a definite casual quality to their duffels, the sleek details allow for plenty of class.

Longchamp Boxford Travel Bag, $245

Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Herschel Supply Co., which has risen to major prominence in the last few years. Whether we’re talking backpacks or weekend bags, Herschel’s offerings might appear as low-key affairs. But upon closer inspection, leather detailing and magnetic clasps declare a significant dedication to excellence.

Herschel Novel Duffle Mid-Volume, $50.99