Local Spotlight: Flyboard LI

The folks at Flyboard LI can get you on, out & above the water

Ever try flyboarding? Then again, are you sure what it is? You’ve almost certainly seen clips of the sport, as it’s a media clip sensation—but you just can’t do it anywhere. Hamptons Monthly talks to Flyboard LI pilot Jimmy J Bissett, who knows all about getting airborne…

Flyboarding looks like it can be a very wild experience—can anyone do it?

Oh for sure, that’s one of the top questions, it looks hard but it’s actually pretty simple as long as you listen to what I tell you and just stay loose and have fun.

Do you need lessons? If so, how many before one can handle a flyboard with skill?

What we do is pretty much a lesson because it’s so new it’s almost everyone’s first time. Everyone has a different learning curve, some people are trying back flips in the first 30 minutes where some get the basic maneuvers of turning and controlling the board.

Do you need to be an especially good swimmer?

Not especially good, but you need to know how to swim and feel comfortable in the water because you do need to taxi in and out of the flight designated area.

You’re actually located outside the Hamptons—where do you do the flyboarding, or can one choose a location?

We have been moving around a little bit the last two years. We started in Riverhead, behind the Long Island Aquarium at Treasure Cove Resort Marina—it was an awesome spot, but had some problems with some neighbors not liking fun and exciting sports on the river. Last year we started in Port Jefferson Harbor by the village dock next to Danford’s Marina where the village officials said they would give us a home, no worries. Everything was going great and then they decided to change their minds and not let us fly there either! No one likes to have fun! it is pretty mobile but it’s important to have a good location to run safely, effective and efficiently. Give us a call and  we’ll get you flying where ever we may be!

What inspired you to bring Flyboarding to this area? Is there a lot of demand?

I just loved the sport so much from the first few minutes I tried it. It was so new and I knew it would be awesome on Long Island for the summer. There really are not many things to do on this beautiful island that are fun in the water. I wanted to share the sport with everyone and really try and help it grow which is has a lot! There are some big freestyle comps now all over the world. The demand is pretty good, people are really excited about it and are always telling me “I gotta get out there this summer.” And they usually do!

People who surf describe it as a zen-sort of experience, and people are exhilarated by jumping from a plane…how would you describe the sensation and experience of flyboarding?

Flyboarding is definitely more on the skydive sensation experience. I mean for me it’s my calm place. I love it, I’m happy up there and it’s the same as skydiving for me—you’re all by yourself up there and it’s amazing. But for the average person just starting out, it gets your heart going. It’s so much fun and it’s a totally different experience, you’re actually flying in the air!! And you can go all the way up to heights of 40 feet or so, doing the dolphin dives, “a fan favorite”, along with spins. It’s an awesome sport that anyone can do!

For more information or to book visit yboardli.com or call 631.901.2661