Local Profile: Katia Pryce

DanceBody Studio: Where Fitness Flows Like Rhythm

Exercise involving dance immediately sounds intimidating. Katia Pryce, founder and instructor at DanceBody is totally disrupting that stigma. Being a dancer —both in practice and at heart— Pryce knows there is only one way to keep her figure, and that’s to keep dancing. She wanted to share her secrets with others looking to get in shape, so she started teaching. We asked her to walk us through the concept and help us understand that, yes, even if we think we can’t dance, we can still thrive in the studio.

What made you turn your love of dance and exercise into a business?

Out of selfish want! When I was dancing, my body always looked leaner than when I was only working out. However, I wanted to keep my muscles strong and functioning – dance alone doesn’t fully provide that. I knew for me that a comprehensive blend of dance and functional strength training were the secret ingredients to creating the dancer-like shape I craved.

Where was your first studio? Why did you decide to take it out East?

My first pop up studio space was in TriBeCa. I’m a downtown girl! I’ve been going out to the Hamptons for almost 10 years now, and I love the change of pace to the busy NYC life but what doesn’t change is the need to fit in a great workout. I HAD to start bringing DanceBody to the Hamptons years ago since so many of my clients head out East during the summer months.

What makes your Hamptons studios different from your NYC or Miami locations? And what’s unique about each of the studios out east?

Every studio space has a different vibe, and the Hamptons is very relaxed. Everyone is on vacation and hanging with friends and family, so the classes naturally feel
more communal.

What’s your favorite spot to go after a workout class in the Hamptons?

East Hampton: Mary’s Marvelous, healthy snacks and smoothies to go.

Bridgehampton: Round Swamp – the absolute BEST fresh produce and packaged goodies in the Hamptons (plus it’s right across the street from us!).

Montauk: Gurney’s on the deck.

What do you say to those who want to join in, but don’t think their dancing skills aren’t up to par?

Our first timers are typically a little nervous about not being “dancers,” but the majority of our clients aren’t – they just look like it! It’s not about being a “good dancer”, it’s more about being open to a different kind of movement and not judging yourself so harshly. No one in class is looking at or judging you – they are just trying to follow along themselves! Be ready to leave the perfectionist syndrome at the door.

What should new students expect at their first class?

This is ACTUALLY a workout! Be prepared to move and sweat (which means wear sneakers). Expect to not nail every move the first time, but to still feel like you got a great cardio workout and hit every muscle. Know that you will leave on an endorphin high that will last the rest of the day.

How many class options do you offer?

In the Hamptons, we offer two: our Signature class and our Follow Along class.

Which would you recommend for the “I can’t dance” versus the “I’m a dance fiend!”?

The Follow Along class was created for my clients who wanted less brain strain, while still getting the benefits of the workout. That is the best class to start with, if you’re feeling unsure – there are not set steps, so everyone starts on the same page.

The Signature class is just that – it showcases our dances that we keep for the entire Summer followed by focused and challenging sculpting on the mat. The good news is that every time you come to this class, the dances will be the same – so they will only look new once.

Dancing all day, every day must be tough — then add running the studio to that. How do you keep yourself relaxed?

Haha, what’s that? Just kidding, I try to make sure I stay balanced by incorporating enough time into my day so that I can recharge – like going to the beach, walking my dog, or catching up with friends. Unplugging my brain from work is the hardest part, but once I do, I know I come back stronger.

What’s your go-to Push-It song?

“All the Way Up” by Fat Joe, Remy Ma & Jay-Z …. yesterday, today, and forever!

Bridgehampton Location: M/W/F 9:30- 10:30am

East Hampton Location: Saturday 9:30am / Sunday 10:15am