Land of the Free, Home of the Graphic Tee

Celebrate All Aspects of Americana

Grill up some hot dogs and hamburgers while you lounge in the back yard or at a swanky poolside soiree: it’s time to ring in America’s birthday! This isn’t a holiday that typically calls for suit-and-tie gatherings though, so we’re aiming at a more laid-back look for the moment. What could be more casual than a well-chosen t-shirt? The graphic tee is a staple of Americana fashion, perfect for The Fourth and beyond. Here are our top picks grouped in some of our country’s favorite categories.


Naturally, one of the central components for a truly festive Independence
Day is the food. Showcase your love of our heartland’s culinary mainstays with your ensemble choices. Tee Luv’s Icee Chillaxin’ Faded Logo tee is a great example of American brand celebration, one that is ideal for the dog days of summer. Featuring the slushy beverage’s iconic polar bear mascot, this distressed navy cotton
tee would pair well with worn-in jeans and sneakers.The Original Retro Brand is serving up some good, old fashioned Americana with their Waffle House Men’s Short Sleeve tee, which warmly displays the titular logo in a red and white pattern. While waffles may be traced all the way back to ancient Greece and have gained a big part of their fame from Belgium, there is something intrinsically American about this roadside chain and its menu.
H&M’s Coca-Cola tee is a crisper and more direct graphic top with red lettering on white soft cotton jersey, as well as a narrow, ribbed crew neck. Pair this with some blue shorts or denim pants and you’ll be decked out completely in America’s colors.


A central component of the American way is our capacity to look to established role models and characters upon which we can draw major inspiration. These extraordinary figures, be they real or fictional, inspire us to dream big or maybe just make us smile. Of course, we wear reminders of them to ignite our passion and sense of fun. Dominating basketball courts everywhere during his NBA tenure in the NBA, Shaquille O’Neal rose to that rare stature that superseded professional sports. His reach extended into the worlds of film and music, as well as a myriad of ad campaigns. Mitchell & Ness have commemorated his massive impact with their Slam Cover Orlando Magic Shaquille O’Neal tee, a simple white piece that spotlights O’Neal with a mid-dunk silkscreen rendition of the superstar doing what he’s done best.

Mr. Throwback’s got both the world of children’s literature and classic television down with their Curious George Gripless tee. Featuring Seinfeld’s George Costanza dressed as The Man in the Yellow Hat from Curious George, along with the main monkey himself, this is a cheerful celebration of two of our country’s most beloved characters.Zara’s also following that trend with their Buzz Lightyear tee. With a slightly oversized, relaxed fit, the image of Pixar’s space adventurer works beautifully for Independence Day, most notably because of his heroic salute.

We would be mighty foolish not to tip our hat to the music that has shaped America. Any good barbecue or party would not be complete without some solid tunes and there’s nothing quite like Rock ’n Roll to set that kind of tone. Madeworn’s Jimi Hendrix “Just Ask The Axis” tee depicts a bold red and black portrait of the legendry singer/songwriter, as well as handwritten lyrics to his psychedelic and passionate anthem, “Bold As Love.”

As America is the true birthplace of Rock n’ Roll, we want to acknowledge the extraordinary contributions made by none other than Bruce Springsteen. So too does Little High, Little Low, with their vintage-styled ’80 Bruce Springsteen Concert Tee, which touts the power and ferocity of The Boss and The E Street Band.Liquid Blue acknowledges the Grateful Dead with their very festive Fourth of July shirt, which features not only the band’s iconic bear and skull imagery, but also has them dressed as continental soldiers, complete with drums, flutes and all!RED, WHITE, AND BREWS

Who doesn’t love cracking open a cold beer while watching the fireworks? Junk Food’s Unisex Bud Eagle tee honors the longtime American longtime tradition of kicking it with a brewsky on our country’s special day. Depicting an eagle alongside the logo of the most American beer there is, it comes in a vintage, distressed wash.

Lucky Brand’s Coors Legend tee is a bit more subtle, the yellow backdrop still evoking thrift store chic, but without the overt need to brandish the red, white and blue. Simplicity is often the way that these kinds of tees get their message across.It’s all about expression. This is certainly the case with the PBR Doodle Tee from Urban Outfitters. The soft cotton tee that depicts the PBR logo on both the chest and back. The relaxed fit encourages an untucked, comfortable look so you can focus on hanging with your friends and family.