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From cottage to chateau, four local hotspots to decorate any Hamptons home


As beautiful as the natural beauty of the Hamptons is, nothing rivals the magnificence of the Montauk beachfront like the splendor of a gorgeous home overlooking it. From quaint cottages to magnificent mansions, the homes in the East End are some of the most desirable in the world. If you are lucky enough to get to own or rent a Hamptons home of your own, you know that decoration is just as important as the house itself. Well- designed decoration adds personality, character and charm, making your house a true home. While large corporate franchises pepper Highway 27, the real stars of the Hampton’s home decorating scene are boutique shops that have slowly become landmarks in their own right, and have catered to East End clients long enough to stock everything needed for summer comfort and style.

Homenature is the antithesis of those big corporate franchises—it started in the Hamptons and then branched into New York City, and its mission is as authentic as its East End roots. The store seeks to offer natural materials with fair pricing and honest design, so forget all those bad experiences spending hours piecing together fake composite furniture from a box. Their products are not only beautiful, but will leave you feeling confident that they are made well and with non-harmful materials for the planet, so you can enjoy the summer’s natural beauty in and out of your home.

Hildreth’s has been around since 1842, and has created a legacy of home furnishing and lifestyle goods in the Hamptons, with a brand created specifically for the area and its evolving residential demographics. With everything from outdoor furniture to custom design and decorating services, Hildreths is a full-service home store with an already perfectly curated Hamptons aesthetic. A go-to gift destination, everything including accessories from beach towels to totes to candles feels like they already belong in your home. The only problem? We find ourselves wanting to redecorate no matter how often we go in, since the store is constantly updating its inventory.

Loaves and Fishes in Bridgehampton seems to have a separate gadget for every kitchen situation possible. (Apple peeler? Strawberry stem-remover? Avocado pitter? Check, check, check.) Besides their amazingly extensive supply of kitchen tools is an equally vast reservoir of cooking experience and passion for food and entertaining. The van Kempen family opened the store in 2003 to share their accumulated knowledge of cooking and offer their favorite products from their travels around the world. In-store cooking demonstrations put their products into action, but the staff are also incredibly knowledgeable and creative, and we guarantee you’ll leave with a product you never knew you needed, but can no longer live without! Their iconic partner shop, the Loaves and Fishes foodshop, is down the road and features delightful artisanal and gourmet products. With their unique culinary perspectives, the Loaves and Fishes locations are sure to leave you feeling inspired.

Sylvester and Co. is the home goods version of the same local movement that drives East-Enders to farmstands and fishermen in the summer in search of great small manufacturers. Their products celebrate design and function in a fresh and authentic aesthetic, from the funky to the funny to the classically well-made. Their collection of “life supplies” features things like cold press artisanal coffees and bartending kits that are unique conversation starters for guests, and their home goods like lamps and baskets and throw pillows will add those interesting finishing touches that turn a house into something that is truly your own.