Fitness Spotlight: Conor Kelly

Tips and tracks to feel the burn at SoulCycle with East End instructor Conor Kelly

Three years ago Conor Kelly took his first class at SoulCycle. After which, he felt a great personal strength and decided right there that his life goal would be to give others that same feeling and became a SoulCycle instructor. Here Conor gives us some tips on making the most of one of his classes, healthy eating in the Hamptons and the perfect spin playlist.CONOR-LARGE-image-577184ca92d60

If someone is coming into SoulCycle for the first time what three things (mentally or physically!) should they be prepared with?

You are going to sweat, A LOT! So, make sure you have on something you don’t mind sweating in.

Knowing you are going to sweat, make sure that you are properly hydrated leading up to class. Don’t let your first sip of water be on the bike.

I saved the best, most important for last… HAVE FUN! Every person that rides at SoulCycle has had a first class, including myself. There is a learning curve to getting the hang of everything. So go in there, give it 100% and don’t get frustrated if you don’t get every move down the first time.

What advice would you give to an avid spinner who thinks they’ve gotten all that they can from the workout and are looking for a new challenge?

The best advice I give to my riders is to really commit to putting on the resistance and giving it everything you have with interval training. It is the hardest thing you can do on a bike if done properly. Don’t be afraid to crank up that resistance and feel the burn!

In addition to the great workout that’s SoulCyle, eating well is an extension of the lifestyle. Which places are your favorite to be healthy in the Hamptons?

My favorite places for healthy eating are Juice Press for smoothies and light snacks before or after class. I tend to go to Golden Pear in Bridgehampton after my doubles at the BARN for an egg white omelet to help me refuel.

What about cheat days, where do you like to go?

LT Burger in Sag Harbor, Buddha Berry in Sag, La Fondita in Amagansett.

What are 5 songs that are on your spin playlist right now?

Once in a While (Geo Remix) by Time ies , Let Me Love You by DJ Snake, Fly by San Holo, Candy by Dillon Francis, Rio by Netsky