Fall for Fabric

Touchable Textiles for Autumn

While summertime is the providence of linens, light cottons and sheer blends, autumn allows for a bit more texture and variation on thicker fabrics. As you take a trip to the farmer’s market, snuggle up to a loved one and begin to ring in the time of year for introspection and gratitude, you can wrap yourself up in some new threads. As the leaves on the trees sail down, keep your chin up and indulge in some new necessaries for the end of the year.


Smooth, sensual and with a touchable texture, suede is an elegant textile that is a sure-fire way to kick your fall image into high gear. H&M’s Suede Jacket with Fringe is an ode to the old west with a modern edge. This smoky black jacket features sections of delightfully long fringe adorning the sleeves set on an angle starting at the elbow. The back also is draped in lengths of it, almost as though it were outfitted with a cape. You’ll be
a raven taking flight, especially when pairing this jacket with a great pair of jeans.

Abercrombie’s Suede Trucker Jacket might sound a bit too country for a cosmo look, but it actually embraces a rural aesthetic and gives it a metropolitan makeover. Deliciously smooth and impossibly soft, this button-down jacket features front pockets and a slight cropped bottom hem. The chocolatey brown color perfectly suits autumn, especially when tossed over a comfy turtleneck.



Pictured: Abercrombie Suede Trucker Jacket, $280









The term ‘knit’ is a broad term when it comes to fashion, but as you step into the cooler months, you’ll find that it often becomes synonymous with sweaters. They’re comfy reminders of hunkering down and snuggling, possibly with a steaming cup of something pumpkin-flavored and hot. What could be better than that? Dress for the occasion in Australian clothier C/MEO’s Evolution Crossover Sweater in gray (it’s also available in sea foam). Flirty and elegant at the same time, this décolletage-revealing v-neck, marled knit will turn more than a few heads. The front tulip hem and all-over ribbing maintain an impressive structure while still celebrating femininity.

J. Crew’s Perfect-fit Mixed-Tape Cardigan is, as the name suggests, absolutely perfect. Throw this on over a tee for an afternoon around town or for a cozy evening at home. Available in a gray, navy and black, it’s a super fine cotton knit that was clearly made for a breezy autumnal ensemble.

Pictured: J.Crew Perfect-fit Mixed-Tape Cardigan, $44.50




Corduroy dates back all the way to the 18th century and has continued to be a beloved textile for fall and winter. Snuggly warm and alluring to the eye, cords are great as a strong yet understated focal point for an outfit. If you’re looking to go a bit retro this fall, Old Navy’s High- Rise Vintage Cord Flare Jeans will tick all your boxes. A rich plum with a high waist, they’re a fabulous throwback to 1970’s groove. They’ve also got a tiny bit of stretch built into the weave, so your curves will have some give.

Speaking of which, Madewell’s Williams Corduroy Shorts also have the same feature. Available
in a deep burgundy as well as classic black, they’re corduroy shorts made to give you a clean silhouette. The zip is actually in the back, so you’ll be able to show o all the right moves. When worn with tights, these super-cute shorts will serve you well, even when it gets chilly out.


Pictured: Madewell Williams Corduroy Shorts, $79.50






Velvet has been worn for centuries and has been celebrated as one of the most posh fabrics you’re likely to come across. Kings and queens have worn this stuff, after all. KENDALL and KYLIE Park Velvet Lace Up Combat Boots might be a surprising place to wear this dramatic textile, but who can live without a killer pair of boots? Midnight blue, the velvet shines iridescently like something out of a dark fairytale. The chunky heel on these combat boots gives you some serious lift without putting any real strain on your feet. They’re as much a nod to fantasy chic as they are a throwback (with a sexy aesthetic update, of course) to mid-nineties glamor.

While we’re on the subject of throwbacks, Zara’s Embroidered Velvet Dress is a psychedelic 70’s dream come true. Once upon a time, you’d be able to find numbers like this everywhere and unfortunately they’ve become scarce. A seductive short hem puts the focus on your legs and the yoke tassels that hang from the v-neck collar. Of course the embroidered oral detailing along the sleeves and at the front is sure to make you the envy of your social circle this fall.


Pictured: Zara Embroidered Velvet Dress, $69.99