Everyone in the Club Getting Spritzy

An Assortment of Spritzes and Where to Find Them

In the cyclical nature of all things, the spritz has come back around to experience a new heyday. The classic European cocktail of a bitter liquour, such as Campari or Aperol, mixed with something sparkling, such as champagne or Prosecco, is being revived in a plethora of creative ways. Here’s what’s bubbling up.

Wölffer Kitchen (4 Amagansett Square Dr., Amagansett)

Long Island’s 32-year-old Wölffer Estate is one of the most established wineries on the East End, with a range of respected wines, a gorgeous vineyard for tours and tastings, and now two restaurants, both named Wölffer Kitchen, in Sag Harbor and Amagansett. They differ slightly in feel, the former a bit more airy and modern, and the latter more cozily coastal. The menus are nearly identical, with upscale American food like grilled fishes, homemade pastas, salads, and made-to- share appetizers, and – of course – an extensive menu of wines, from both the Estate as well as top vineyards around the world. A select few cocktails come at the start of the wine list, not least of which is the High Five, a sparkling drink of gin, grapefruit, lime, and Aperol.


Gurney’s Montauk (290 Old Montauk Hwy., Montauk)
Hotel bars in the Hamptons can be quite scene-y, often set by a pool for a bikini-clad clientele or studded with DJs and party nights throughout the season. But Gurney’s Montauk brings something unique to the table with its Regent Cocktail Club, a city-slick cocktail lounge that would feel as much at home in Manhattan as it does here on the oceanfront. Mixing leather banquets with Aztec-inspired textiles and opening up onto a wooden terrace with fairy lights and firepits aplenty, Regent has a cast of mixologists who concoct some of the most sophisticated drinks around. Among the offerings, find a leveled-up rendition of the Aperol spritz: the Herbal Spritz, with Belvedere vodka rather than gin, Aperol, and tonic water.


Baron’s Cove (31 West Water St., Sag Harbor)

What drink is more apt for Baron’s Cove than something boozy, chic, and sweet? This resort that’s been here since the 1940s when famous writers and artists such as Truman Capote and Jackson Pollock frequented its grounds still lends itself well to long, hazy American summer days – and even longer nights – with its manicured lawns, cerulean salt- water pool, flawless tennis courts, and glorious bar where in-the-know New Yorkers still flock for drinks and conversations that last long into starry nights. Recalling a mix of the jet- setting flair and American taste that its artistic clientele once embodied, the Aperol Spritz is the kind of drink that you think will start the night but ends up ending it too. But don’t worry – a spa awaits for detoxing in the morning.


Sag Pizza (103 Main St., Sag Harbor)

Some of the best Italian pizzas in the Hamptons come at Sag Pizza, a wood- fired oven joint that luxuriously tops its pies with the likes of truffles, fine meats, infused oils, and fresh cheeses, served alongside assorted other delicacies ranging from burrata to fresh local tuna crudo. But anyone who’s been to Italy knows that equally important as pizza is what’s sipped with it, and in the summer, this means something cold and bubbly. Like the rest of the menu, Sag Pizza’s take on a summer sparkling cocktail is decidedly gourmet, a Grapefruit Spritz that mixes its namesake ingredients with vodka, St. Germaine, and Contratto, a classic Italian aperitif. Sip it at the end of meal along with some of the homemade gelato in flavors like cassis and black cherry amaretto, and you’ll be transported straight into Amalfi dreams.