Dress Local

Brands Born in the Hamptons

An out-of-town jaunt can sometimes leave you without some of your essentials. Perhaps you intended on a low-key weekend and you get invited to a last-minute soiree that calls for something more than sweats and a tee. Maybe things were hectic in the office and you didn’t have time to properly pack. Or maybe you’re simply craving a costume change that stretches beyond what you tossed in your overnight bag. Whatever the case might be, shopping locally in The Hamptons can yield some supremely chic finds. Let us do the work for you and make sure you’re dressed to impress. We’ve done all the right digging to unearth what the local brands have to offer.


Stu and Catherine Foley founded Air + Speed Surf in 1996 with an eye toward serving a budding surf crowd in Montauk. Today, they enjoy a successful and established presence out East, catering to both the surf community and anyone looking for some comfy tees and shorts. The Breeze Crew Neck Tee is one of their current centerpieces. Made from Peruvian Tanguis Club Cotton, this top is carefully garment dyed and washed in salt water to render the fabric cloud soft. You know that feeling when you slip into a favorite old tee? This one comes built that way. The brand’s logo is stitched on the bottom hem with a contrasting stitching on the left chest pocket. The available colors are as vibrant as their names: Amal Red, Estate Blue, Classic White, Offshore Green, and Riviera Blue.

If you want something more upscale, The Breeze Polo is a slight upgrade from the crew neck tee, made from naturally moisture wicking Tanguis cotton, and available in a similar array of colors, including the bright and sunny Beach Turquoise. While the tees can easily go with jeans and shorts, the polos can be dressed up with some chinos or khakis for an afternoon outing.



Big Flower has been another centrifuge for exquisite casual-wear out East. For a weekend away, they can pretty much supply anything and everything you could ever need, all the while keeping your wardrobe relaxed and comfortable. Available in six distinctive colors, their classic linen button-down is billowy yet structured in all the right ways. Made in Italy and certain to inspire great admiration in all passersby, it’s a dapper and elegant way to dress for a vacation. Pick up one in each color (there are six solid shades to choose from, plus a few dashing striped versions)!

If you’re on the hunt for a great bathing suit, Big Flower’s Men’s Trunks are an iconic cut and of solid construction, built to last for years. There are several colors available, all cut just above the knee. They’re so handsomely put together that you could even pair them with one of the aforementioned linen button-downs and a pair of leather sandals for a casually posh brunch. Should you be in need of an overnight bag, they’ve got two gorgeous options: The Leather Weekender and the Ballistic Nylon Weekender. The first comes in a rich, chocolate brown, while the Ballistic is a deep navy nylon bag with head-turning leather straps and accent pieces. Both are the right size to pack your necessaries away for a few days at the beach.



Weekends are ideal for transition-wear, or threads you can easily slip on for daytime and effortlessly segue into cocktail hour. Sunswell is set up in their Sag Harbor home base to allow you to do just that. Their signature Gansett Gingham button-down is perfect for anything and everything you can think of. It’s loose and soft enough to wear to the beach and constructed cleanly enough to take you out for a drink under the stars. It’s a poly/nylon blend that comes equipped with built-in moisture wicking technology so you’ll be covered all day long.

The blue and white check pattern goes with almost everything, including their lightweight Anywhere Short. In Montauk Red (which is more of a pink, truth be told) or Bay Back Blue, these shorts also have neat mesh pocket bags inside, allowing for moisture control at the side and rear. Cut right above the knee and with a slim fit, and with superb stitching, your legs have never looked so good.



If you’re looking for a slightly dressier option in your search for versatility out East, Takuya Duncan is a good place to look. While their wares do tick the comfort and transitional boxes of Sunswell or Big Flower, they also have some more oomf in their collection for nighttime. Case in point, The Hartley Check Cotton Blazer and matching pants. A fantastic go-to blazer for every imaginable summer event, this dark, timeless jacket bears some of Takuya Duncan’s trademark Asian flair, the check pattern reminiscent of something you might see walking down the streets of Tokyo.

It’s made from an old dying and weaving technique called kasuri. Yarns are preshrunk and then very tightly wrapped before being colored to bring about a magical broken effect that you won’t likely find in a commercial retailer. The pants have a subtle pleating effect at the front to keep them loose and comfortable. Slip into some sock-free loafers or even a great sandal to complete this breezily stylish ensemble.