Devilishly Dapper

Debonair looks to say “I do”

Now that summer is at its peak, the sun is shining and moods are bright. To some lovebirds, this is the perfect time to stand before the masses and say “I do.” Beachfront weddings are among the most elegant of events and it’s important to be equipped accordingly. While the East End is notorious for a certain casual chic, attention to detail is still paramount. Finding that great suit will go a long way to unleash your inner Cary Grant. Luckily you don’t have work that hard if you know where to look. Sure, it’s slick to be fashion-forward but the tried and true, classic menswear brands are guaranteed to satisfy. Also remember to put comfort as high on the totem pole as style. It is summer after all and you deserve to feel as good as you look.

Iconoclastically all-American, J. Crew boasts an impressive fleet of 300 (and growing) stores worldwide. Their menswear department has served to blend masculinity with elegance, be it in a casual tee or a dapper suit and tie. The Ludlow Suit Jacket is impeccably timeless with a lightweight and breezy, imported Italian cotton. Even outside of the boundaries of formalwear, it can stylishly elevate a casual Sunday look into a Bond-at-brunch experience. The Crosby Suit is aimed at the athlete, accommodating all those long hours you’ve toiled to get that beach body. Available in an understated stripe pattern, the jacket features extra room in the chest, shoulders and sleeves without compromising J. Crew’s dedication to flawless tailoring and design. (14 Main St., East Hampton)
The Crosby Suit

Jack Spade 
Founded in a loft on Warren Street in Lower Manhattan, Jack Spade’s ethos has long been function meeting flair. With a beginning centering on accessories, most notably bags, the brand has expanded to produce staggeringly gorgeous collections of tops, pants and everything in between. Both in a deep charcoal and a light gray, The Warren Fit Wool Plain Weave Suit might sound a bit heavy for a beachfront a air, but is actually a wonderfully breathable ensemble that could easily be dressed down for a casual afternoon. Be sure to pair it with a crisp, white Thompson Twill Dress Shirt and a vibrant pocket square.
Jack Spade Pocket Square

Brooks Brothers 
The gold standard for dapper menswear, Brooks Brothers has a plethora of neutral pieces to add that distinguished fair to your wardrobe this summer. Available in a light blue and white stripe, the Fitzgerald Fit Sport Coat is one jacket that won’t disappear into the sea of warm weather lapels. Featuring a two-button closure, a center vent and lightweight construction in Italian cotton, this blazer is always comfortable, even on those scorching August afternoons. Part of their uber posh Red Fleece Seersucker Collection for Summer 2016, the Stripe Seersucker Hooded Sport Shirt features slimming vertical stripes that’s topped off with a sporty hood and drawcord. (48-50 Main St., Southampton)
Fitzgerald Fit Sport Coat

Ralph Lauren 
Ralph Lauren’s preppy posh image has made them a one-stop shop for all seasons. At its core is the empire’s epic namesake and founding designer (born Ralph Lifshitz in the Bronx, thank you very much). Lauren’s penchant for high-end chic without sacrificing an inch of comfort has made him a household name. The two-button Morgan Sport Coat is classic RL: soft linen in a slim fit. It’s sharp, dapper silhouette carries extra oomph when paired with one of the collection’s magnificent Leather Suffield Belt. Also be sure to check out Ricky Lauren’s (mother of RL Magazine founder, David Lauren) exquisite new book, The Hamptons: Food, Family and History.
(32 Main St., East Hampton)
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