Coat Check

Jackets for Labor Day and Beyond

Looking toward Labor Day and the summer’s inevitable conclusion, the time for covering up will soon take center stage. Your wardrobe selections will likely include jackets and coats to battle the cold air as it edges in. The good news is that your outfits will have an extra bit of oomf since the potential for impressive ensembles actually opens up to a wider range of possibilities. Add a blazer to a button- down. Throw on a jean jacket to add some rock star cool to a casual weekend look. Keep extra dry in the rain with a solid rain jacket. Have a look at these sublime top layers to stay warm during your autumnal entryway.


The blazer is often a centerpiece of a man’s closet. The term dates back to the 1800’s and versions of the actual jacket itself originate long before that. At the moment, trends are decidedly pointed toward a slimmer fit and a shorter hem at the bottom, though this is obviously not dogma. The most important thing about a blazer is the fit in the shoulders and around the middle. Ill-fitting sizes are big misstep that many make when selecting a blazer. You don’t want something that’s too roomy, nor one that’s too tight!

Zara’s Piqué Blazer is a streamlined, slim-fitting jacket that comes with some eye-catching details that set it apart from much of what you’ll find on the rack elsewhere. A bright red club knit with black elbow patches, it features a back vent, two-button fastening and an off-seam chest pocket with a pocket square. For a more muted autumnal blazer, All Saints’ Huxton Suede Blazer is a gorgeous top piece- -a dark brownish gray with a stand-up collar that features an additional layer of lighter suede along the edges.


Pictured: Zara Piqué Blazer, $89.90






A fun fact about bomber jackets: while they were originally created for military pilots in World War I, their silhouette went on to inform the shape and cut of letterman jackets. Of course bomber jackets have also become a major trend in mainstream fashion and are a great option to keep the chill away. J.Crew’s Wallace & Barnes MA-1 Bomber is an iconic throwback to that classic style. Made of a lightweight nylon- cotton, both the dusty coal and navy options are super laid-back and work not unlike a windbreaker.

ASOS has their own version of a bomber with their MA1 Pocket in Khaki. Made with a baseball collar and a nifty zip sleeve pocket with a bright, eye-catching zipper, it was constructed by ASOS to be a shinier version of this timeless jacket. Both go excellently with a pair of jeans or khakis.



Pictured: ASOS MA1 Pocket in Khaki, €40







For those rainy fall days, you’ll need something to keep the wet away. Sometimes an umbrella on its own doesn’t quite cut it, right? The cosmopolitan RAINS Camp Anorak Jacket is outfitted with a drawstring hood, a half-zip placket with a snap storm flap and vibrant color-block flap pockets (orange, tan and turquoise) at the chest, front and right sleeve. It’s vented at the pack yoke for some added drama at the back and promises to keep you dry, even if you decide to rough it outdoors for lengthy periods of time.

Furthermore, Puma’s X Stamped Jacket is another option to stave o the rain. The hood comes with a snap collar and a zip pocket at the left chest. It’s just a touch of futuristic chic with the black backdrop and large angular front pockets, perfect for trudging through your day underneath some mighty heavy storm clouds.


Pictured: RAINS Camp Anorak Jacket, €94




Superdry’s Stormbreaker Denim Jacket is a bit more than the usual for its kind. Supremely cut to flatter, it’s great for guys who have guns to show off. There are four front pockets as well as a comfy sherpa collar with branded buttons. There’s also a tartan insert so you’ll get some nice attention even when you take it off.

Brooklyn Cloth also has a denim jacket on offer that will scratch your itch for a great classic take on one of these babies. With a vintage, worn-in look, it comes with some neat Brooklyn Cloth enamel pins to start you off on what could be an impressive collection.



Pictured: Superdry Stormbreaker Denim Jacket, $119.50