Class Act

Schooled in Style

TV icons have shaped the way we think about fashion. The nostalgic shows of yesteryear, as well as the new ones that are streaming today, continue to guide us. It’s not just the clothes, though. The attitude and energy of those characters is inextricably tied to how they dress. Also, it’s important to remember that if we recognize something great in these guys, it’s a good indication that we have that same coolness in ourselves. It’s just a matter of bringing it out. And, while some of their wardrobes might be throwbacks, never fear. Three of our very favorite brands have given us the ability to assemble contemporary spins on the looks of some of our favorite TV leading men.

Payton Hobart and Preppy Pieces

Ben Platt’s performance as Payton Hobart on Netflix’s smash hit The Politician has gone a long way to reviving a preppy image that had begun to give way to a certain kind of relaxed hipster vibe. Polo shirts, sweaters casually tied over shoulders and linen blazers have reemerged on trend. This character’s ambition results in his being very put together. Reiss has everything you could ever need to recreate this look, complete with subtle details to set you apart from all other popped collars and boat shoe- wearing gents this summer. Start off with the Tipped Zip Neck Polo Shirt, which features some elegant stripes along the collar and a half zip front. Toss on a Puppytooth Linen Blazer in Grey if you’re looking to class it up for dinner or a night out. Finish the ensemble with more than just a plain old pair of boat shoes. Instead, we love Reiss’ Tumbled Leather Sneakers in white, which gives you a bright pop to an otherwise subdued color scheme.

Tipped Zip Neck PoloPuppytooth Linen Blazer in GreyTumbled Leather Sneakers


Zack Morris and the Button Down

Who can forget Zack Morris’s time- stopping reign on early 90’s television? Super slick and always one step ahead of everyone, Mark-Paul Gosselaar was a heartthrob with a plan. (Fun fact, did you know Gosselaar had to repeatedly dye his hair blonde to rock that signature mane?) The early 90’s marked a transitory period in fashion, bridging the bubblegum vivacity of the 80’s with what would eventually lead to a more subdued color palate by the time Kurt Cobain and Alanis Morissette ruled the 90’s. To achieve this look, it’s all about patterns. Luckily, Zara has come up with an updated version of this brief period which can help you nail that Zack Morris energy. Start off with their Top with Contrasting Stripes, a long- sleeved button down which evokes something of that period, but with a contemporary flair. On days when you need short sleeves, give the Uneven Striped Print shirt a whirl, which also features big blocky sections of vertical stripes. Of course, it wouldn’t be right to overlook those muted pastel tones that were so popular in the early 90’s. Zara’s pocketed Striped Print Overshirt has all of the stripes you could ever want, but in those delectable chalky greens and pinks.

Top with Contrasting StripesUneven Stripe Print ShirtStripe Print Overshirt


Dwayne Wayne and Bold Patterns

We can all agree that Kadeem Hardison’s performance as Dwayne Wayne on A Different World oozed adorkable charm. Dwayne had brains and an insatiable love for the ladies. Plus, his bright and bold patterns kept things fun. It was like he was a walking celebration. In a way, he was one of the original Brooklyn hipsters, pioneering a marriage between irony and style. Like Saved By The Bell, A Different World marked a transitionary period where trends were moving away from dayglow and neon, while still retaining some love for prints. Urban Outfitters’s Native Youth Gorgan Jacket recalls that Dwayne Wayne cool, with a crisscross of plaid against a cream backdrop. The brand’s Patchwork Bandana Short Sleeve Button Down is sure to turn heads. Featuring a cacophony of primary-colored patches, it’s exactly like something Dwayne might wear to hit the books. Lastly, we adore Urban Outfitter’s Zeke Stripe Polo Sweater, which is available in three different (and very, very bright) color schemes. The wavy stripes suggest that you’re only a flipped-up pair of shades away from landing Whitley.

Native Youth Gorgan Jacket
Patchwork Bandana Short Sleeve Button Down Zeke Stripe Polo Sweater