Chef Spotlight: Philippe Delgrange

Fine and French on Long Wharf

Several restaurants have called the Sag Harbor space now belonging to Le Bilboquet home — but none have ever been dedicated to providing an upscale atmosphere. HM gets the details, right from their kitchen king: Philippe Delgrange.

You’re up-and-running in the Hamptons this summer, and in a very spectacular spot no less. How has the reception been so far along Long Wharf?

Really great – people seem to love it and appreciate the décor and ambiance.

Le Bilboquet is the fourth restaurant at your address (including the short-lived Decker’s) in the past five years, and the scene at prior spots in your location saw as much in the way of bar and late fun crowds as it did for dining—do you plan to host any day or night parties, or is the game plan to provide a purely a food- minded experience?

Our goal is for every person to be happy and eat well at any of our locations. We will certainly host private parties and have already – but every day and night is a celebration at Le Bilboquet.Can you give us a general description of your menu? We know French is the methodology in NYC, but so many Hamptons eateries lean harder toward seafood, especially with Montauk a direct source of oceanic eats. How much does that reflect or inspire your cooking in Sag?

Our menu has all of our signature recipes and we have added local seafood to the menu for our crudos, whole fish of the day and our raw seafood towers. The local ingredients are spectacular.

It’s time to play a couple rounds of “Perfect Plate, Paired.” Let’s pretend it’s late July, early August and the sun is sending locals for shade. You have a party of four sitting outside, despite the heat. What would you recommend they choose as an entrée, and which drink would be the right pairing?

I would suggest the Cold Poached Lobster with French mustard mayonnaise and frites with La Piscine – champagne on the rocks.

Now it’s early September, and the breezes off Sag Harbor Bay are getting a bit chilly during the late dinner hours. What Le Bilboquet dish and matched drink is good to ward off those end-of-season conditions?

Striped Bass with a red wine sauce and chilled glass of Far Niente white wine.

A final scenario: a couple comes in, and is clearly on a romantic adventure. They ask their server for something special—what would you put on their plate to make the date great? (And don’t forget the right drink to match!)

Chilled local oysters with Rosé wine followed by whole fresh local fish with sliced fresh artichokes.

Finally, for all of us who enjoy what Le Bilboquet does in Manhattan, we simply must know: did the Cajun Chicken make it to the Sag Harbor menu?

Yes of course! We sell dozens a day!