Chef Spotlight: Danny Ye

Chef Danny Ye talks to us about his idea of cooking local and more of what’s ahead this summer at Saltbox

Considered to be Montauk’s newest year-round “East Coast Seafood Shack”, The Saltbox is back for its second year serving lunch, happy hour and dinner along with “saltboxes” to go.

The 70-seat restaurant and bar made a splash last summer when it opened, embracing the nautical lifestyle of the area and featuring a laid-back vibe that will make any passerby and patron feel right at home. Hamptons Monthly spoke recently with head chef Danny Ye, a man known for his restaurant experience in not only the Hamptons, but also throughout New York City and Los Angeles.

SeasonalTilefish (1)Welcome back for your second summer! Can you give us some insight on any new dishes debuting for the new year?

Thank you. We are very excited about our second summer. Right now, we are working with lots of root vegetables such as beets and squash and thinking about using those same vegetables in our summer salad and ceviche.

What were the core principles you initially built the menu on? Have you adjusted that landscape at all since last summer?

Approachability and a sense of neighborhood. We have not adjusted those core principles and we look forward to being a bigger part of the community.

Cooking local means…

Whatever the fishermen bring us, especially the the less common fish parts or parts that most chefs do not appreciate.

When in the kitchen putting that concept in to practice, what differentiators are there from other East End restaurants embracing the farm fresh and dock to dish movement?

There is a de nite connection to the ocean. Whether it’s the salty air affecting the flavor of locally grown produce or a one of a kind oyster from a local bay, the merroir impacts us greatly.

If you had to choose an East End Restaurant (not one of yours!) to have dinner at, which would it be?

Depends on the occasion but I would say Townline BBQ or Momi Ramen.

Tan Tan Ramen

Tan Tan Ramen at Momi Ramen

From which of the Montauk ingredients do you get the most inspiration?

Montauk Fluke.

What three words do you use to describe the atmosphere of the place?

DSC_1040 (1)

Chill, bright and fun.

If someone comes in o the beach for lunch, what’s the most refreshing dish and cocktail pair you can think of for them to order?

If we’re going for classics, it has to be a lobster roll but I am partial to the Saltbox wings and our BBQ Lettuce Wraps. They all go well with our Ditch Punch or a nice frosty glass of Summer Ale from our friends at Montauk Brew Co. which is a block away.

Located at 99 Edgemere St., 631.238.5727.