Brand Profile: Retromarine

Retromarine keys in on men’s swimwear that is both modern and nostalgic_MG_8925

Inspired by the ideals of the Golden Era, Retromarine is an NYC-based swimwear brand with a distinctive vision that avoids capitulating to the market of eeting fashion trends. Founded in 2011, the swimwear company instead focuses on crafting expertly tailored swimwear that both embraces the modern man but carries a distinct edge that is both unique and nostalgic. With an eye to detail that embraces unexpected prints and vibrant colors, all of Retromarine’s line feature 100% handmade, retro nishings and a t that’s crafted for the man who craves an active and vibrant lifestyle. Hamptons Monthly spoke recently with Juan Jaramillo, the founder, designer, and creative director of this cutting-edge brand…

Describe to us the man you had in mind when developing the collection. What inspired you and what fashion wrongs were you hoping to right?

Firstly, he is a well traveled man who loves nostalgia and takes the time to seek out goods which are of high-quality craftsmanship. He is someone who appreciates retro-inspired design. In fact, we even have a name for him, we title our customer as a “Retro-sexual”.

The Fashion wrongs we are trying to right for our customer are: ill- tting swimwear and baggy trunks that reach below the knee. I searched for a more European cut, something shorter in length paired with a better tting silhouette. I believe we really nailed it with our length. Our fashion proposal combines something classic but rebellious. The trunks aren’t loud, as we focus on smaller prints mainly. We keep the design clean and elegant.

What’s a new print trend that we’re going to notice in the collection this summer?

Tons of retro geometrical inspired prints from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s as well as our timeless collection of tile/kaleidoscopic prints. Contrary to every other swim brand out there, Retromarine New York does not follow “new trends”. At Retromarine we have an eternal fountain of inspiration going back to past trends.

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The brand was born and bred in New York’s Garment District. What’s the creative process like? Do we sense hints of those New York roots in the design?

New York is a living runway; I’ll nd patterns in the most unusual places of this city. I inspire my collections with something I see on the subway, at a thrift store, looking out the window at our o ce, or on street art. I search for geometrical patterns all the time in New York’s architecture, old buildings and landmarks. My creative process is as follows: I get inspired, I take a picture or make a sketch, our in-house designers create a digital version of the prints, and we go to printing tests, for further nal selection of styles.

What design or production elements sets Retromarine apart from other men’s swimwear lines?

What sets Retromarine New York apart from other brands out there is our exibility to print our own fabrics. We do not buy fabrics at trade shows like everybody else, we have our own unique prints created exclusively for us. Our product is made with intelligent fabrics that have an outstanding performance when in touch with salt and chlorinated waters. All of our fabrics have SPF 50 protection to protect both the skin and to keep our prints from fading away with time and use. We pride ourselves for using “the softest” fabric in the market for swim.

The Retromarine structure is based on a blend of nostalgia and the modern idea of masculinity in fashion. How do you nd balance for the two?

We don’t necessarily have a balance for the two. At Retromarine we embrace contrasts: you can be both bold and classic, its just a matter of your state of mind that particular day.

Other than the swim trunks, what aspects of style go in to making the Retro man for a weekend in the Hamptons?

Style is a state of mind as well. For the perfect retro getaway in the Hamptons we recommend:

1. Leaving your cell phone and laptop in New York, or worst case take it with you but in o mode

2. Read

3. Plan for outstanding gastronomic moments

4. Embrace your surroundings

5. Oysters