Brand Profile: Loup Charmant

Looks You Can Wear From the Bed to the Beach Then Back to Bed

In the summer, versatile pieces are Kee. Yes, Kee – as in Kee Edwards. She’s the founder of Loup Charmant, a line of fuss-free and flirty looks. Edwards has always been drawn to the beach life and understands the laid- back lifestyle should extend to all aspects of a woman’s life, and her brand strives to be an extension of that.

As we’re prepping to hit the stride of summer, Kee took some time to talk about making the most of the season on the East Coast, the hallmarks of her collection, and how sometimes simple is the most sexy.

Much of the inspiration for the brand came from summers spent on beaches off the coast of the Carolinas. What do you think makes for the perfect East Coast summer?

Yes, and also time spent living in Miami, so I’ve really had the range of East Coast summers! The perfect East Coast summer to me involves lots of time connecting with nature, both inside and outside of ourselves. Time to reflect, connect to self, and the infinite ocean horizon and sky above it.

Lazing by the ocean with a book and watching the gulls and pelicans. Definitely warm days swimming in the ocean. Eating blue crab, oysters, and shrimp boils thrown onto a table, happily feasting with friends.

I need some days on the boat, crabbing with kids, collecting shells bits of nature, then painting them, art projects with kids. Long walks on the beach at sunset or watching the full moon sparkle on the ocean.

How are the pieces of your line an extension of that?

Loup Charmant was created out of a reverence for the natural world, using all organic cotton and celebrating the natural beauty of women inside and out. Loose, easy shapes and personal freedom are hallmarks of the line, and my feeling of summer and vacation days.

If we wanted to pick three key pieces from the collection to build our summer wardrobe around, what would they be?

Slips, dresses, and bloomers. These are the pieces I would take with me on a deserted island. On hot, humid summer days, these are the only things you want to wear, trust me. Our fabric is specifically chosen for humid summer days; the slips layer well and move easily from beach to bed.

With such a laid-back vibe during the day, dressing for a night out in the Hamptons is a delicate balance. What advice do you have for maintaining a carefree summer style from the lounge chair to cocktail lounge?

Our silhouettes like the Hydra and Elba dresses become elegant cocktail pieces in flowing layers of midnight, oyster, or glorious emerald green silk, while feeling just as easy and sensuous as our heirloom cottons.

For those who might be hesitant about incorporating this kind of casual wear into their city work-week style, how do you suggest they ease into it?

Start with a slip and bloomer set for sleep if you work the most corporate structured job, but these days even the most corporate jobs take casual or summer Fridays, so there’s more time to dress for yourself. Pieces like the silks mentioned earlier are great for summer nights out in any city. The Turen Tie Top and Side Button Skirt are also great for day city style.

When women are wearing Loup Charmant this summer how are you hoping they feel?

I want them to feel free, happy, connected, and in love with their lives. I always want women to truly love themselves just a bit more.