Brand Profile: Aurora San

Accessorizing Your Swimwear with Swimwear

Beach or poolside packing should be easy, right? All you need is a bathing suit. Wrong. So wrong. You need the right bathing suit, or as the case may have it for the unpredictability of a weekend out East, suits. What you need for a day of lounging at the Beach Club at Gurney’s isn’t quite the same for a more adventurous afternoon with Hampton Flyboard. So, let us introduce to you sisters and co-founders of Aurora San, Natasha San and Gemma Sherman.

After years of swapping and sharing tops, they identified a gap in the swimwear industry, and that’s when they began putting plans in place for a swimwear line that features interchangeable straps. Sherman says, “Straps as accessories allow our consumer to create an endless variety of looks.”

It’s a level of customization that’s new to the market, and we had some questions. So we went right to the source, talking to Natasha and Gemma about how the brand works and the mainstays of the collection, and we also played a fun round of “How’d You Wear It?”

This was your first foray into fashion. What made you take the leap?

Swimwear with interchangeable straps has been an idea of ours for over 10 years. We dipped our toes in the water seven years ago, but then life happened.

The welcomed postponement has only allowed our passion for this concept to burn stronger, not to mention technology to evolve. We have always had the passion, now we have the time to dedicate to the business with so many apps and websites at our fingertips to grow it!

Which styles are the pillars of your collection?

The pillars of our collection are our core five shapes. The core shapes are classic and timeless. We offer low coverage and higher coverage looks. Their simplicity and elegance offer a beautifully made base for our customers to purchase our luxury straps and customize their look.

How does it work exactly? You buy a base suit then purchase straps individually?

Exactly! You buy a base suit, either a bikini or one-piece. Each item comes with complimentary straps so that our customers can use our unique interchangeable strap feature instantly. Our swimwear is made to last using incredibly high-quality fabrics from Italy. Our sourced fabric offers longevity and will not lose stretch or bobble, meaning our pieces last through multiple seasons and wears. This provides a fun way to take your great-fitting, high-quality product into the next season with a simple purchase of next season’s luxury straps.

Not only can you create multiple looks out of one suit on one getaway, but our products will always be on trend with a simple purchase of the new season’s luxury straps. We want to give our customers a fun, customizable experience without giving up on quality.

Let’s play “How’d You Wear It?” If we were taking a Paddle Diva Class, name the cut then the style of straps that you’d suggest for that kind of activity.

This is a fun game! We’d want to keep this look low coverage, playful, and fun. We think the triangle bikini top and Brazilian bikini bottom would be ideal – you’ve got to show off that perky derriere from class. We would wear our braided luxury strap with our signature lobster charm and colorful tassels. At least if you fall in, the lobsters will see you are lobster-friendly and will keep their claws off!

What about if we were heading out for a day on the boat?

This look is more luxurious. I would go for our one-piece. Our fabric really gets the opportunity to showcase and sculpt the body on the one-piece cut. We have two figure-flattering vertical seams that slim your silhouette and a sexy and elegant supportive neckline, whilst the high-cut leg creates a long, lean silhouette. Everything about our one-piece screams glamour and high quality. Pair this one-piece with one of our chiffon straps, as they move beautifully in the sea breeze as the boat sails out to the sunset.

What’s been the most exciting thing about starting Aurora San and what do you see on the horizon?

Seeing Aurora San come to life has been incredibly exciting to us. We have so much love for this company that’s been brewing for so many years – witnessing our dream become a reality has been truly incredible. We never gave up on our dream no matter what life events took precedence and we
are both proud of each other for that and excited for our future that we get to enjoy together. We see so much on the horizon for Aurora San it’s hard where to begin. We have patented our clasp and intend to use it in many customizable, luxurious resort wear ways in addition to future swimwear shapes. Not to mention we have many upcoming luxury strap designs in the works that we can’t wait to release!

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