Black is the New Black

Things Get Good When Things Go Dark

Everyone looks good in black. No matter your age, size, shape or skin tone, black is a guaranteed slam dunk. Aside from how streamlined and on-trend black has always been, one of the most common qualities noted about wearing this color is how slimming it is. 19th Century German scientist Hermann von Helmholtz discovered a phenomenon he called ‘irradiation illusion‘ which explains why the human visual system processes light. If you’re looking to keep it tight as the season rounds out, black is always a sure- fire thing. And hey, culturally speaking, we’ve always celebrated the brooding man in black, haven’t we? From James Bond’s tux to Batman’s cape, there is something undeniably strong about going dark.

During daytime hours, choosing an all-black look can channel a thoughtful and artistic image. As the hue that never clashes, you can get away with a lot. Moreover, it takes very little to accomplish a complete look.

A Supima Scallop Tee from Goodlife is a great place to start. The ultra-soft cotton runs a touch longer than the typical tee you’ll find on the racks, elongating your midsection, contributing to the already slimming powers of this inky color. Throw on a black Knitted Bomber Jacket from ASOS if you need an extra layer. This easy-to- wear zip-up is a modern spin on a classic staple, with ribbed detailing and a contemporary fit. Complete this trendy approach to daytime in black with a pair of skinny jeans from The Gap. Reliable, durable and with midnight dark color that won’t fade in the wash, this denim is versatile and can be dressed up for nighttime if you’re heading to a rave.

If it’s a particularly hot day out, you might be more comfortable in something a little less constrictive. If that’s the case, pick up a pair of black elastic-waisted shorts from Everlane. Simple and to the point, these babies come with a drawstring, yet they’re incredible well- engineered so they won’t look like lounge shorts (even though the sorta feel like ‘em).

Obviously, it is in the evening when black threads really shine. This is the color of the night after all, and we challenge you step beyond simply throwing on a tired dinner jacket and a white button-down shirt for your East End vacay. How about something adventurous to carry you to the end of the summer? Something like the Saratoga Blazer from Theory, for example. It’s a relaxed-fit and completely collarless blazer that is designed with a v-neck and featherlight polyester-nylon blend, so you won’t be roasting in heavy wool. The detailing in the subtly crinkled finish comes from one of Japan’s finest mills. It’s fun and a bit outside the box.

We love texture. The supposition that wearing all black equals flatness is simply untrue. John Varvatos’ Abstract Jacquard Essex Pant are an absolute masterpiece in this way. The soft-cotton blend has a bit of stretch to keep you comfy, while the jacquard design keeps things dark and streamlined but with a stylish dash je ne sais quoi. We urge you to try these with the bottom hem cuffed up and letting your ankles show. Pick up a pair of impossibly soft black no-show (and culturally- conscious) socks from Bombas, which will last and last and last.

In your downtime, it’s so important that you feel comfortable and relaxed. While it might not seem like your look during these lo-fi hours is important, we think it is worth mentioning that if you have company, you might want to bring your A game. Even if you prefer to sleep in your birthday suit, some great loungewear is particularly handy if you’ve got a house full of people. Having some lounge threads in all black is a sleek upgrade.

Start yourself off with a super soft pair of ultra stretch pants from Uniqlo. Breezy and not at all tight, these cotton bottoms are outfitted with a handy drawstring at the waist so you can really chill. Compliment this with a black Bonded FreeForm Sleeveless Tank from Tani. There are no visible hems on this top, as their Italian heat bonding technique allows for a futuristic approach to loungewear. To get cozy when things get chilly, throw on a Maidstone Tailored Heavy Weight French Terry Zip Up Hoodie from East Hampton’s own Takuya Duncan. With a double- sided zip in front and a heft hood, this sweatshirt is an elegant cut above. And for your feet? We’re crazy about the solid black Model 000 sneakers from Atoms. From the elastic laces to the lightweight foam soles, walking in these sneaks is like bouncing on a cloud.