Artist Spotlight: Gayle Tudisco


Gayle Tudisco is a plein air and photo reference artist who captures the landscapes that are so unique to the East End of Long Island.  A member of Guild Hall, the East End Arts Council, and other esteemed art organizations, her work includes many water views, barns and boathouses that dot the North and South Forks. She works in oils and brings to her work a unique sense of color and composition that allows the viewer to see and experience the story behind the painting. Her paintings were on display at Chrysalis Gallery in Southampton for seven years, and has been displayed throughout the Hamptons at many locations and events. Hamptons Monthly was honored to speak with her recently…

Preference question: North or South Fork for inspiration? Why?

I prefer the South Fork. I find that the light on the South Fork exudes a radiance that I have never seen elsewhere.

How do the two ends differ for the purposes of your work?

I am a landscape painter. The North Fork is primarily farming. I like to incorporate into my paintings the marshes, fields, barns, water, sky and light found on the South Fork.

Being a photo reference painter, do you tend to stay true to the image as captured or take artistic liberties when recreating the scene?

The photo is the basis for my painting. I use color and light to recreate the image that is in my memory. I try to bring to my canvas a sense of color and composition that will allow one to see and experience the story behind the painting and make it unique to themselves.

You work in oils, what does using this medium allow for when capturing the sweeping landscapes of the East End?

Oils allow me to create the rich colors and texture needed to capture the beauty of these landscapes.

What’s one technique you most incorporate to encapsulate these scenes?

Finding the light source. Light is everything.

Did the pace and lifestyle of Manhattan ever entice you as something you’d like to depict?

Actually the opposite. When we would drive out here on weekends the sheer beauty and serenity of the area would take my breath away.

What’s a difference in life out here that inspires your art?

When we moved out here full time I finally had the time to absorb the incredible beauty and serenity of the Hamptons and to try and capture what I was seeing on canvas.

Is there anything on the horizon for you that we can look forward to seeing?

Art is always evolving. While I will continue to paint landscapes I am also trying new techniques and approaches and styles. Art is a learning experience and the more you paint the more you learn. There is nothing more exciting than standing before a blank canvas and making it come alive!