Adventure Spotlight: Starlight Sailing Charters

Before climbing aboard, we got the details from the captain himselfScreen Shot 2016-07-05 at 12.30.18 PM

If you’re looking to relax, explore and indulge during your time in the Hamptons, Captain Toby Stull will put the wind in your sail. Aboard either of their luxury yachts, Starlight Sailing Charters offers an experience tailored to you. You can choose to gather a large group for an adventure or invite a more intimate party out to sea for a laid back day of lounging.

Why is Sag Harbor a good fit for your company? What sets you apart from other sailing charters in the Hamptons?

We’ve been in Sag Harbor and Shelter Island our whole lives. We know all the best places to bring people, from North Fork Wine Vineyards reachable by boat, to great little Shelter Island spots to anchor, paddle board, swim, and shuttle kids to the beach to collect shells.

There are several great charter companies in Sag Harbor. What sets us apart is the beauty and sailing ability of out classic mono-hull sailboats. Also, we o er sailing vacations. Several Hamptons guests have joined us in the Caribbean for a winter vacation.

You currently operate two luxury yachts, the Starlight and Starbright. What is the experience like aboard each and how do they differ?

Starbright is smaller and more intimate. She is more nimble and a little more performance oriented. Starlight is large and more-roomy for larger groups.

You seem to promote a very open, fun, customizable and relaxed experience aboard your yachts, particularly through your inclusion of Boat Dog Bamboo in your crew and by highlighting your LGBT Friendly atmosphere. Were these qualities part of your mission from the beginning?

Absolutely. We want our guests to relax, enjoy and be comfortable. Every group has a different idea of what they want to do on the water. We like to think we do a good job accommodating out guests. Whether you want to stay at the helm and take part by sailing the boat, or simply relax on bean bag chairs up on the bow, enjoying a glass of wine and the sunset.

As for Bamboo, she is a street dog from the Caribbean and has been aboard 15,000 miles of sailing and visited over 50 islands with us. She is unobtrusive and guests usually call her very “regal”.

Who is Captain Will Bishop?

Captain Will is a lifelong sailor. Having a long background in yacht management, he takes as impeccable care of the boats as he does the charter guests.

Will and I are recently engaged, but we started sailing together nine years ago. Will is the glue that keeps the whole thing running smoothly.

What are some of the most memorable excursions, on either yacht, since your founding in 2013?

We have had notable rock stars, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and artists. We have had every type of special event imaginable from engagements, anniversaries, and even weddings to family reunions and office trips.

Outside sharing people’s most special moments, most memorable is bringing out folks who being on the water provides special relief. Every year we bring cancer patients sailing through a non-profit charity, Sailing Heals.

How will this summer’s experience with Starlight Sailing Charters differ from last year’s? Anything new and special planned?

Will and I have been sailing Starbright for years but this is the first year we are offering her for charter. We can even anchor the boats tied together as a big swim and picnic platform.

If we’re planning to set sail with Starlight, what do we need to know, how should we prep, what should we bring?

Bring a bathing suit and your towel. For snacking or a picnic, we o er a full range of catering options from wonderful Sag Harbor spots. Be sure to bring your favorite bottle of white or rose wine, especially on sunsets. Also, if you have a favorite playlist, bring it to plug into the stereo.

For more information or to book visit or call 917.399.0686