A Summer Bling

A Style Love Affair That Will Last Beyond Labor Day

David Sedaris once wrote, “Accessories are mainly the providence of women.” This might have been true once upon a time, but it isn’t entirely accurate anymore. The scope of men’s accessories and jewelry are taking center stage this season. We get that a lot of men can get skittish when the idea of wearing jewelry gets put on the table. Somehow jewelry, which at one time was something everyone wore, has become a largely feminized accessory. Consider this: kings wore jewelry. Vikings, pirates and medieval warriors all rocked loads of bling.

The great news for the modern man is that there have been precious few rules laid down by the gods of fashion about what’s in vogue, so you have complete freedom to find the baubles that suit you best. Furthermore, a well-placed piece of handsome jewelry can elevate the tried and true into a look that will have everyone’s heads turning.

A signet ring has been a symbol of power and confidence for centuries. Wearing them actually dates all the way back to ancient Egypt and began the trend of using worn jewelry as a personal stamp into a wax- sealed message. Always a glorious trendsetter while having a firm foothold in classicism, Versace has unveiled their stunning Resin Medusa Signet Ring. Featuring the Medusa head that has become synonymous with the brand for decades, it’s available in two colors, gold and black.

For something much more contemporary, Miansai’s 3 Letter Signet Ring, which is also available in two colors (silver and gold), features a customizable trio of your initials.If putting a ring on it isn’t your style, perhaps a key ring is more up your alley. Coach’s Bottle Opener key ring is a handsome combination of sleek metal hardware, leather accent piece, and a handy dandy bottle opener.Barney’s also has rolled out their Sterling Silver Nail-Shaped Key Ring, a rugged and fun option that is exactly what it sounds like: fashioned out of a curved silver nail.

Bracelets are another genre of jewelry that men often skip over. We’re not necessarily talking charm bracelets or jingling bangles here, guys. Degs & Sal have their blissfully simple Knot Cuff on offer, which is a hint of sterling silver to glisten unobtrusively around your wrist.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you’re looking for a bit of punk rock to put some edge on your look, Giles & Brother’s Skinny Railroad Spike cuff is a curved metal spike (exactly like the ones used to build railroad tracks), featuring arrows engraved on a distressed surface.Also, be sure to take a look at wrap bracelets, which go entirely around your wrist with a mixture of textile and hardware. Salvatore Ferragamo’s Braided Double Wrap Bracelet with Gancio Closure is an epitome of a stylish hybrid of metal and leather. The dual-braided black leather cords contrast brilliantly with the stark silver clasp.Alternatively, check out the Leather & Macrame Double Wrap bracelet from Caputo & Co. Made with vegetable dyed Italian leather, waxed cord, and sterling silver, it adds some versatile muscularity to your look that can work impressively for day or night.
Watches. We know you love them. We know that every man, whether dressed in a suit or in jeans and a tee carries some dapper swagger when he wears a well-chosen timepiece. A spellbinding synthesis of technology and style, Jack Mason’s The Regatta Timer 42mm will elevate this look to a whole other level of class. Deep water-resistant and made with stainless steel, it can take you from a day at the beach to a swanky dinner at night.
If you’re looking for something sportier, MoMa’s Jackson Pollock Black & White watch draws its patterning from the artist’s Untitled (1954), giving art lovers everywhere a stunning accessory, as well as a brilliant conversation starter. Lastly, for those looking to bring their inner child out to play, Todd Snyder’s Timex x Peanuts watch features Charlie Brown loveably keeping the time so we don’t have to.NECKLACES
Let’s talk about necklaces. While some men have relegated necklaces to include spiritual amulets like crosses or Stars of David, we want to encourage you to open yourself up to some additional options and spice up your roster. Title Of Work’s Wrecking Ball necklace is a powerful, sterling statement piece, hanging on a fine silver chain down to the solar plexus and expresses intensity and vigor.David Yurman’s Small Box chain is a simpler affair, using small geometric angles to create a futuristic chain that is both adventurous and masculine.If beaded necklaces are what you’re after however, take a look at John Varvatos’ Beaded Lava & Brass, which is a posh take on rosary beads, complete with small gold skulls and black lava rock beads.
Fortune’s Montagnard necklace is a bead necklace using traditional patterns and techniques of the Montagnard Tribe of Vietnam. When US soldiers met them during the war, they began wearing them, ultimately bringing them back Stateside. Try them with an unbuttoned, white collared shirt for bring some flashy earthiness to your ensemble.