A Luxury Fabric for Fall

Silky Smooth for the New Season

Transitioning from summer to fall is important not just because everyone’s summer vacays are coming to a close, but also because we have to make sure we’re dressing for the change in the weather. It’s hard to know sometimes what to wear, as the fall doesn’t tend to happen evenly. Sometimes you need a jacket, sometimes you don’t. Silk is a super efficient and stunningly stylish. Dating back to Neolithic China at approximately 3630 BC, Silk is said to come from the Henan Province. According to a Chinese myth, the weaving of silk was invented by Lady His-Ling-Shih, known in some stories as The Goddess of Silk. She was the wife of The Yellow Emperor, who ruled around 3000 BC. Today, silk is regarded as one of the most luxurious fabrics you can find.

Regarded as a feminine fabric, we’d be remiss if we didn’t discuss dresses and skirts. Looking at threads for daytime, J. Crew’s Silk maxi sarong dress in painted paisley is a guaranteed head-turner. Bright, cheery and constructed with a fitted bodice, it’s an orange extravaganza that will carry some major summer vibes into the fall. The crisscrossed halter at the top will keep your shoulders bare in the event of a steamy Indian Summer.For the evening, we want you to drape yourself in the stunningly sexy Parker’s Tangia Silk Dress. A hot little number if ever there was one, it’s complete with a plunging neckline with a flattering A-line silhouette and a tiered ruffle hem.

When thinking about silk, of course the first thing we think of is that essential chestnut for any woman’s wardobe: the silk blouse. Yes, once upon a time, they were mostly the providence of your grandma’s closet. With the right contemporary spin though, these babies have become en vogue once more and are able to keep you warm when it’s chilly, yet maintain a comfortable body temperature when it gets warm. Vince’s Tulip- Print Silk Blouse in black is elegance personified. Designed in Los Angeles, it’s infused with West Coast drama, the long sleeves and delicate draping seem to flow away from the body. The gentle floral pattern against the midnight, inky black backdrop create powerful contrast.

Of course, a big concern for most of us about silk is the maintenance. Trips to the dry cleaner can become costly and a bit of a drag. Banana Republic’s answer to that dilemma is their Washable Silk Blouse (also in black), a sleeveless top that can easily be worn with jeans or with structured slacks for a workday. The relaxed fit keeps things movable and loose as it drapes down with lots of room in the chest and arms.

While silk up top is often where the mind goes, we don’t want you to miss out on the opportunity to rock some silk slacks. Billowy and deliciously smooth, wearing silk pants also can showcase the contours of your legs in some of the most flattering ways. Akris’ Pants in stretch silk crêpe, for example, have a fabulously streamlined construction, providing you with a base that is more than that of a tired old pair of cotton slacks. Creased and featuring a mid-rise waist, it’s just as right for the office as it is for a cocktail party or a night on the town.

And while we’re on the subject of bottoms, we don’t always have to work with separates. We love a good jumpsuit. If you haven’t gotten on this bandwagon, we can’t encourage you enough to try one out. Theory’s wide-leg silk version is outfitted with spaghetti straps up top and a wide elastic ribbed waistband to keep your shape intact. The lines are long here, which is not only slimming but incredibly versatile, taking you easily from daytime to night.