2020 Swimwear Vision

Brands Breaking Boundaries for Your Beach Look

It’s that time again, ladies. You’ve been laboring your bods into a frenzy for months, focusing on getting into the shape that’s right for you. We’re here to salute your hard work! Take note though, that being super skinny or positively ripped don’t have to be the only routes toward feeling good this summer. We love you all. Every shape not only is valid, but also offers a unique allure. From voluptuous to lean, we want you to be your individual best, whatever that is. Now take a deep breath, hit the beach or dive in the pool, and raise a glass to our favorite time of year!


Sustainability is one of the biggest, most marked changes in the way brands approach manufacturing. The world needs our help, and it’s a beautiful thing that so many clothiers are answering that call with new and innovative adjustments to their pieces.

Companies are adopting eco-friendly fabrics, like L.A.-based BOLD Swim, where they’re the main event. Versatile, sexy, and mindful, this is also a stunning collection of summer gear. From the Humming Bird one-piece with its homage to vintage glamour to the Brazilian exotica of the Azul Dreams bikini, BOLD definitely has something for everyone.

Another California torchbearer of the sustainability movement is Vitamin A. Since 2000, founder Amahlia Stevens has forged bikinis and bodysuits that are locally made and from plant-based and recycled fabrics. The pieces are elegant without upstaging the body beneath them. Featuring bold prints and strong solids, Vitamin A guarantees that there’s no reason why you have to harm the Earth to celebrate the ocean. The Rica Crop Top allows for a bit more coverage, yet doesn’t sacrifice a single bit of the strength and sensuality that comes with hitting the beach.Baythe is yet another company on the forefront of developing eco-friendly swimwear. Not only are their suits lovingly handmade, but they’re sourced from recycled and largely biodegradable materials. The pieces offer UV50 protection; four-way stretch; and the breathable, moisture-wicking, and quick- drying qualities you want in a swimsuit. Even their packaging is completely biodegradable. The designs are cutting edge and blissfully contemporary, as exemplified by the head-turning Coco Long Sleeve Surf and Sun Suit. Bond Girls everywhere would clamor to get one; the stylish long sleeves make for a sleek wetsuit. Best of all, it can work as a layering piece, pairing gloriously with a bikini. Who says you can’t have it all?


One size fits all isn’t really a cogent term for fashion, particularly with swimwear. However, something that has been making major waves has been the advent of all-inclusive sizing. As we said, all shapes are the right shape. There’s no need for you to compromise style in the wake of being sized out. Inclusivity is wonderfully and joyously the new normal.

Matteau, which definitely has taken the ‘less is more’ ethos to heart, honors all-inclusive sizing, even down to the display images at their online store. Curvier models display their wares just as frequently as slender ones, showing women that no matter your shape, they have a suit for you. Timeless bikini tops and bottoms can be purchased separately, allowing you to mix and match to your heart’s content. If boy briefs are your thing but you want some more drama up north, look no further than the wrap triangle top.

Woke swimwear at its finest, Alyned Together knows a thing or two about inclusivity. Recognizing that sexy has many definitions, their suits are deigned to flatter everyone. Vibrant colors and striking patterns are on offer in all sizes. One-pieces like the floral charm of The Mona, are also eco-friendly. Each suit is sourced from 11 recycled plastic bottles.

At the end of the day, it can still be a challenge to find a bathing suit that flatters your body. Magic Suit’s on-trend designs are not only eye- catching but slimming as well. Their 2020 Cruise Miraclesuit in Belmont Stripes is one of those pieces that will likely make poolside appearances over the course of the next few years. Cheer on your curves as every inch of their Miratex fabric is engineered to support you while you mask any part you wish.


Those long days at the beach can leave you with little time to change for an evening out. We all have those tried-and-true pieces in our closets that segue seamlessly from day to night, so why not incorporate our beach uniforms? We’re not suggesting that you ditch your cocktail dresses per se, but sometimes slipping on some great jeans
or a billowy skirt over a one-piece can get the job done.

Summersalt’s Mesh Sidestroke is a one- shoulder affair that flatters the figure and can effortlessly pair with a miniskirt. If you’re aiming for something in the vein of Florence Welch’s boho chic, LoveSackFancy’s wrap-style Jasper Suit is all frills all the time. This blushing pink number would be super cute with a long, flowy skirt.

Solid and Striped, meanwhile, has some pieces that are made for this kind of pairing.
The euro-tinged simplicity of their drawstring skirt makes a profound statement without any flourishes. The eye focuses on the draping on this mid-rise masterpiece, finished with a contrasting beaded drawstring.